Believe it or not, this frumpy fossil was deeply embedded in the world of luxury brands in the 80’s.

Since then, this dinosaur has worn khaki’s or jeans with a red shirt for 31 years with fashion/luxury brands being the furthest thing from my mind. The international drama and tragedy that struck the world famous luxury brand family, the Gucci’s in the mid 90’s was then totally off my radar.

So I went to the movie to :

  1. See a film with multigenerational iconic cast
  2. Oogle Lady Gaga

A cast including Lady Gaga, Jeremy Irons, Adam Driver, Al Pacino, Jared Ledo, and Salma Hayek. Check.

Middle class Gaga/Patrizia Reggiani joins/marries into the Gucci family. Now having access to wealth, is adorned in a different fashion, make-up & hair style, jewelry in every scene (there are many) and she does look exquisite in each.

Alas, the movie was slow, not overly exciting, driver as son Maurizio plays a clumsy, not very engaging, heir apparent. Gaga has a very aggressive, biting personality totally driven by unsatiated needs for endless money & power. This movie slowed to low speed early on and didn’t get much energy after that. Once their relationship started fracturing and it became a domestic battle, turned me off.

Grade: B-

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