As a tennis player, was definitely looking forward to the “King Richard” movie about Richard Williams and his unorthodox ways to coach/create & market all time tennis greats daughters Venus & Serena Willams.  This 2:24 PG-13 rated movie/documentary did not disappoint.  I saw the the big screen but also currently available on HBA Max.

Especially during the early days of the their successful career, thru traditional media (pre-internet days) you could tell by his words and actions, that Richard Williams  was very unique in all aspects of his life.

Clearly the message “that Richard was right” rang thru the film and was true but came at a cost.  One would need a whole ‘nother movie to explain the sources of his influences (race, religion, economics and or more/other) that created such a visionary and complicated man/dad/father/husband.  

Richard is played by the exceptional Will Smith & 2nd wife Oracene (Brani/Brandy) equally well played by elite Aunjanue Ellis.  All 5 daughters are on screen lots. They are not so far apart in age YET Richard ONLY writes 78 page plan to greatness for Venus & Serena (yet they all got along great).

We have no clues why a tennis racquet never finds its way into the hands of the other 3 and how he know Venus & Serena were the chosen two at a very young age.

Such a plan is absolutely crazy regardless of ones socio-economic status. In sports what separates the all time greats is their magic above the shoulders.  Personally you can teach athleticism to many, but that relentless near unmatched drive of all time greats starts within…..Yet HE has two as Serena & Venus are two of tennis’ all time greats!
Just doesn’t happen..but did right before our eyes IN REAL LIFE.

Enough said, definitely worth a watch of this true and pretty darn accurate “early days” path to greatness.

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