Brian Dougherty is elected to Atlantic Highlands Council
Brian Dougherty is elected to Atlantic Highlands Council

ATLANTIC HIGHLANDS, NJ – In one of the closest elections in local history, first time candidate Brian Dougherty has won a seat on the Atlantic Highlands Borough Council by a margin of 7 votes.

Statements from the Democratic Candidates:

Brian Dougherty:

It’s often said that ‘every vote counts.’ That phrase has never been truer than in this recent election. I’m honored and humbled for the opportunity to serve on the Atlantic Highlands Council.

My message to the residents of Atlantic Highlands is simple: Whether you voted for me or not, I pledge to work on your behalf in service to the community we call home. Thank you for entrusting me with the responsibility of representing you.

Congratulations to Councilman Murphy on his re-election. I look forward to working with him and the other members of Council to help solve the issues of today and prepare Atlantic Highlands for the future.

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To the other four candidates on the ballot: Thank you for putting yourselves forward in this election.

I wish to thank my running mate Lesley D’Almeida for being a terrific partner throughout this campaign. Special thanks to Regina Keelen, our municipal party chair, for her guidance and support.

I also could not have done any of this without the support of my incredible wife Erin and our three kids: Sloane, Piper and Beckett.  From day one, our campaign was about the future. Their future. I can’t wait to get to work to help Atlantic Highlands reach its fullest potential.

Lesley D’Almeida:

Not the outcome I had hoped for, but I would not change a thing. Running for Atlantic Highlands Borough Council has been an experience I will never forget. The opportunity to walk our amazing town and meet so many residents is something I will always cherish.  To every person who took the time to meet and greet and get to know me, thank you for your time and openness. To everyone who shared my vision for the future of Atlantic Highlands and cast a vote for me, thank you from the bottom of my heart. I look forward to still working towards that goal together.

I’m thrilled my diligent, dedicated, and hard-working running mate will be working for all of us as he takes a seat on Council. Congratulations Brian.

Congratulations to Councilman Murphy on his re-election.

Thank you to Regina Keelen for her tireless work and unwavering support and to everyone who contributed and helped in our campaign.

[editor’s note] The other council seat went to Republican Council President James Murphy who won reelection.

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Regina Hawley-Keelen

Regina Keelen is president of the AH Democratic Club