In response to the October 13th 2021 article appearing on the Middletown Patch website, the Middletown Democrats launched an investigation into allegations against candidate for Township Committee Nicholas Babcock.

On October 14th 2021, our attorney filed a request for information with the state of Arizona’s, Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office (MCSO) requesting all documents that had been requested by Patch reporter Carly Baldwin along with any other documents concerning Nicholas Babcock. On October 15th, the MCSO replied that there were no records on file, “pursuant to MCSO Records and Retention Schedule, all records were destroyed on or about 10/2020 pertaining to Nicholas Babcock.”. The MCSO advised that a records request be sent to the city of Mesa Police Department for any possible records that may be on file. Upon receiving this information our attorney immediately sent a records request to the Mesa Police Department

On October 20h, our attorney received word that the Mesa AZ Police Department was unable to locate the records requested.

Previous to the October 13th article appearing on the Patch, in response to questions posed by the Middletown Patch reporter Nicholas Babcock, on October 6th, voluntarily had his fingerprints scanned by IndentoGo and submitted for a complete FBI background check, the results of which have not yet returned. Once the result of this background check has been returned, the Middletown Democrats and Nicholas Babcock will freely share the result with those who request it. We are confident however, that the background check will also show no records on file.

Nicholas Babcock has been cooperative while our investigation has been ongoing. Mr. Babcock has admitted to us that as a recently discharged United States Navy combat veteran, going through a terrible breakup and seeking custody of his son, while at the same time undergoing treatment against brain cancer; he bounced two checks in March of 2001. Over a year later, Mr. Babcock was taken into custody for questioning and subsequently charged with theft. To bolster charges, Nick Babcock was also charged with the possession of a forgery device… A PEN! In 2004, Mr. Babcock accepted a plea deal with the Maricopa County Court. In exchange for his guilty plea, he was sentenced to two years of probation and ordered to make restitution for the sum of said bounced checks.

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Jackson Pines and Cranston Dean in residency at Langosta Lounge in Asbury Park
Jackson Pines and Cranston Dean at Langosta

Nicholas Babcock is NOT a felon.

In 2018, the State of Arizona wiped clean Mr. Babcock’s court records and the charges against him were set aside. Nicholas Babcock has the right to purchase and carry a handgun, he holds the right to vote and seek office.

What our investigation has truly revealed is that Middletown’s appointed Mayor, Tony Perry and his fellow Middletown Republicans, purposely leaked Mr. Babcock’s 2004 charges to the press and then directed his band of Facebook trolls to smear our candidate.

This is consistent with Mr. Perry’s entire political career. He was appointed to the Township Committee by his father-in-law. Then in 2018, while in the midst of his first campaign, he improperly used email addresses obtained surreptitiously from Middletown’s Emergency Alert database to anonymously attack and discredit former Democratic Township Committeeman Sean Byrnes, then a candidate seeking to regain a seat on the Township Committee.

His dirty tricks continued when it was reported by the Asbury Park Press last year that his wife, as Treasurer of the Middletown Republican Party, failed to file ELEC reports for 4 years.

This campaign however shows the depths to which Tony Perry and the Middletown Republicans will sink by the use of the dirtiest of tricks; leaking Mr. Babcock’s bounced check charges from 2004 – 17 years ago

Mr. Babcock, a Navy combat veteran, a father of 3, a small business owner and 2-time cancer survivor – has the same criminal record as Middletown’s appointed Mayor, Tony Perry – none! Mr. Babcock, unlike Mr. Perry, doesn’t need dirty tricks to get elected and he doesn’t need to be appointed by his father-in-law to the Township Committee either.

Michael Morris
Middletown Democratic Executive Committee

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Michael Morris

Michael Morris is Chairman of the Middletown Democratic Executive Committee