ATLANTIC HIGHLANDS, NJ – Often voters who participate in local elections don’t know what all the local issues are, let alone where the candidates stand on them.

A recent survey of the candidates in the race for Atlantic Highlands Council covers several issues important to voters in the town: School Regionalization, Acquisition of St. Agnes School property, Harbor utilization, Funding Emergency Services vehicles, Open Space, Parking, and much more. The survey was composed and compiled by Atlantic Highlands resident Mark Fisher. It can be viewed below or downloaded as a PowerPoint presentation called Candidates Questionnaire and Responses.

Mr. Fisher sent the questionnaire out to all the Atlantic Highlands Council candidates on August 24 and gave a Sept. 10 deadline. Each candidate responded.

The candidates for Atlantic Highlands Council include (2) Republicans, (2) Democrats, and (2) Independents. They will vie for two seats on the council, each for 3-year terms .

James P. Murphy (R)
Ellen Y. O’Dwyer-Woods (R)
Brian Dougherty (D)
Lesley Angela D’Almeida (D)
Morgan Spicer (I)
Zachary Brown (I)

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Jackson Pines and Cranston Dean in residency at Langosta Lounge in Asbury Park
Jackson Pines and Cranston Dean at Langosta

The council is currently comprised of 3 Democrats and 3 Republicans, Republican Mayor Loretta Gluckstein provides tie-breaking votes.

Long-time serving Councilman Roy Dellosso, a Democrat, is retiring from office at the end of this term. Incumbent James Murphy, a Republican, is running for re-election.

The PowerPoint presentation is a considerable work with nearly ninety slides. Readers will come away more knowledgeable about what the issues are for Atlantic Highlands and know where each of the candidates stand on them.

AHHerald asked Mr. Fisher a few questions about himself and the survey:

AHH: Aside from being chairman of the Parking Committee – and thank you for that service, btw – on what other committees do you serve?  I know you frequently attend town meetings and provide helpful information. 
Fisher: I serve on no other Committees, but participate in a lot of their meetings

AHH: What prompts your civic involvement?  
Fisher: I just want what’s best for the town and ensure that our property taxes are spent responsibly

AHH: What is/was your occupation?  
Fisher: I worked for 40 years in the oil refining industry retiring as an Operations Superintendent in 2019

AHH: How long have you lived in town? 
Fisher: I grew up in Leonardo, went to St. Agnes School (old & new buildings!) and moved to Atlantic Highlands in 1984

The Atlantic Highlands Herald would like to thank Mark Fisher for allowing us the opportunity to provide you with this valuable public service.

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