Though they can try to spin it any way they want, the bottom line is this: Ellen and Jim mislead the voters of Atlantic Highlands. They said repeatedly, both in the press and in direct response to the other candidates, they would be participating in the League of Women Voters Candidates Virtual Forum. Behind the scenes, they were feverishly working to find an excuse to bow out. In doing so, they somehow convinced the Independent candidates to follow them. 

Now they say they’re working – again, behind the scenes – to create an alternate event. They have no venue, no moderator, no format, no ground rules. They have no plan. Is anyone surprised? We certainly aren’t.

As evidenced by their duplicity and spin, Ellen and Jim lack something else: integrity. Leaders follow through on their commitments. Leaders do what they say they’re going to do. 

We said we look forward to presenting our plans and proposals to the voters of Atlantic Highlands in a public forum. We meant that. When/if there is a specific proposal, we’d be happy to consider it. Please reach out to our Chairwoman Regina Keelen.

Our campaign is about the issues that matter to our neighbors: Fair and just property tax assessments, school regionalization options on our terms, and protecting the community we love. We will continue to make our case door-by-door as to how we will do that.

We’re working to Move Atlantic Highlands Forward, and we’re moving on.

Lesley D’Almeida and Brian Dougherty

Democratic Candidates for Atlantic Highlands Council

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Lesley D’Almeida

Lesley D’Almeida

2021 Democratic Candidate for Atlantic Highlands Borough Council

Brian Dougherty

Brian Dougherty

Brian Dougherty is an Atlantic Highlands Borough Councilman.