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LWV Candidates’ Virtual Forum – Format and Ground Rules 2

Atlantic Borough Highlands Council

Candidates’ Virtual Forum – Format and Ground Rules


During the Forum, only the Moderator, Timekeeper, and Candidates are on screen. They always remain visible. The moderator, who is a trained League of Women Voters member from outside the voting area, introduces the candidates in alphabetical order, by slate if applicable.

The Forum has three parts:

  1. Two-minute Opening Statement by each candidate offered in random order determined by lot before the start of the forum.
  2. Questions.
    Voters submit questions in advance of the forum. The moderator explains to the audience that questions have been screened to avoid redundancy, ensure relevance to the office, eliminate personal attacks, and provide a broad range of topics.  Questions are read by the moderator. They may be addressed to individual or all candidates.  All candidates are given the opportunity to respond to every question if they choose. Responses are limited to one minute.
  3. One minute Closing Statements, offered in random order determined by lot before the start of the forum, for candidates to sum up their positions and reasons for running.

Timekeeper alerts the candidates when they have 30 seconds left and when time is up.

Ground Rules

  1. Please log in 20 minutes ahead of the program to test audio and visual connections, meet with the moderator, and review the ground rules. Any candidate who is not properly logged in when the forum starts will not be permitted to participate.
  2. Your display name on the screen must match your name as it appears on the ballot. (We will help if you need to change your name when you log in ahead of the program.)
  3. Do not have campaign materials or other people or pets on camera and visible during the Forum.
  4. Observe all time limits.  When the timekeeper signals time has expired, finish your sentence and stop.  Adhering to the time limits ensures fairness for all candidates.
  5. During the question period, limit your answer to the one minute response time allotted. There is no second chance to rebut on a question you have already answered. Some questions may be addressed to a specific candidate, but in every case, all candidates will have an opportunity to respond if they choose. The moderator will call on candidates in a way that ensures fairness.
  6. The moderator’s decisions on matters that arise during the Forum are final.
  7. Neither candidates nor their supporters/staff may photograph or record this event or edit the official recording for use in their campaigns or for any other public application. Candidates and their campaigns shall refrain from posting on social media during the Forum.
  8. Please remain stationary during the Forum. All candidates are always visible.
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