The Debate is a debacle.

The League of Women Voters offers to hold a debate for our community, at the suggestion of an Atlantic Highlands Resident. This is good news, right? Well, it’s a little more complicated than that…

The reasons behind why the Republican candidates have respectfully declined to participate in the LWV debate are not mine to defend or prosecute. As an independent, it is my duty to hear all sides of an argument. Being free from judgement or party loyalty, allows me to hear the concerns of those around me very clearly, and not through any kind of filter. 

What is important to note, is that the Republican candidates felt uncomfortable with this particular debate and forum. Their feelings and concerns are valid, regardless of my own or even your own opinion on the matter. 

What we need is a debate with all six candidates. Ideally a debate where all six feel that they will be given a fair opportunity to share their positions and plans with residents. Unfortunately, it seems as though that was not going to be possible with the League of Women Voters forum. 

What do we do now? We must debate. Zack and I believe in our ideas and are willing to defend them any time and any place. The only requirement for us is that all six candidates agree to participate. Let’s debate in Atlantic Highlands, in person, in public, and together.  
I am hopeful that out of this debacle, we, the six candidates in unison, can come together to give the Atlantic Highlands community what they deserve – our time, our opinions, and our proposed plans, should we be fortunate to serve this town. Atlantic Highlands residents deserve to hear what all six candidates have to say, so they can feel confident in the voting booth this November.

Sincerely, Morgan Spicer 

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