Brian Dougherty Candidate for AH Council 2021
Brian Dougherty Candidate for AH Council 2021

I decided to run for Atlantic Highlands Borough Council on a crisp Saturday morning in October 2019. It was that day that a vile political flyer arrived in my mailbox.

The Mayor and Council election that fall had become unnecessarily nasty. Our local campaigns had begun to mirror the divisiveness of our national politics. That made me angry. That made me sad.

That day, I resolved to one day run on a campaign to restore civility and decency to our local politics.

Atlantic Highlands is a community of only 4,400 people. We are all neighbors. It’s a place where Meal Trains are set up and filled within minutes when a family is in need. It’s a place where charging stations appear for all to use when a storm knocks out power. It’s a place where parents of all political stripes gather on the sidelines of Firemans Field to cheer on our youngsters.

It is not a place where hyper-partisan politics should cast a pall on our community. There is too much work to do.


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There are big challenges facing Atlantic Highlands. We must take a serious look at the sensibility and legality of the Assessment Demonstration Program, the annual property tax assessment program unique to Monmouth County. Amid a global climate crisis, we must urgently work to bolster the resilience of our waterfront and low-lying areas. After decades of talking about it, we must solve our parking problems. And we must follow through on the issues of school regionalization, the Mother Teresa Regional School acquisition, improving communication with our residents, preserving open space. The list goes on and on.

In my careers as both a board administrator and professional singer, I’ve learned the necessity of collaboration. To make music, we have to listen to each other. We are stronger and more effective when we work together. I prepare. I put in the work. I follow through in everything I do. I will bring that same work ethic and professionalism to Borough Council, representing all neighbors of our community to move Atlantic Highlands forward.

I’m privileged to share the ticket with my terrific running mate Lesley D’Almeida. On November 2nd, we ask for your vote to serve as your representatives on Atlantic Highlands Borough Council.

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Brian Dougherty

Brian Dougherty

Brian Dougherty is an Atlantic Highlands Borough Councilman.