Mayor and Members of Council:

Once again I would like to praise, congratulate and commend borough employees from Administrator Adam Hubeny and Police Chief David Rossback to every member of all the borough departments who worked so selflessly during the recent storm which caused great havoc in many sections of the borough.

Your efforts and constant attention to their jobs is one more proof that the employees in this borough do not merely work because it is a job, they work because they love this town, are proud of it, and are proud of the role they play in keeping it the wonderful community it is. Our sanitation and public works employees cannot be equaled in dedication anywhere.

Our employees working so well and so cooperatively with the employees of the utility company who also worked long and hard to restore power is one reason why their work progressed as quickly as it did.

I’ve always been proud to live in Atlantic Highlands and one of the primary reasons for this is the outstanding employees we have. May they always be appreciated for the value they bring to Atlantic Highlands.


Helen M. Marchetti 

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