This pandemic era has flipped my near 100 year old family business on its ear and it is so different than ever before. The #1 change to deal with all has been the increase working hours from full time + to DOUBLE Full Time +. As a result, my in-theater movie watching (only type I do), has gone into Witness Protection unlike any time I could remember.

I put work aside for the 1st time in a long time to jump back into a movie theater (masks required) and I hit a HOME RUN!

CODA (Child of Deaf Adults) in simple terms is a about highly mature/talented high school senior daughter as the lone hearing person in the family (and the family fishing business). She is struggling to balance supporting the family she adores (and whom she has been translating for into the hearing world since age 3), her very savvy business skills and just discovered singing magical gift (all while experiencing her 1st slowly evolving love romance). Lest I forget that she wakes daily AT 3AM to go commercial fishing with Dad & Brother – before school – “The Bionic Teenager”.

Ruby (Emilia Jones) slays the leading role – where the heck did she come from?? I’m not gonna Google, rather lock her name in my brain to watch her acting future surge in front of me (seriously I could see her up for a post season award).

Her family (Mom, Dad & brother are exquisitely cast led by the iconic Marlee Matlin & all three are actually deaf in real life…simply adds to the magic of the film (especially during a singing scene – profoundly powerful insight into her families world) Her Dad, Troy Kotsur, who looks like he’s come down from the mountains, is as crude as they come, ferocious work ethic, hilarious and a devoted father/husband.

The side story of Ruby’s newly discovered singing voice, a stupendously passionate Lationo choir teacher who champions her right away for her life today and beyond. She has a fascinating voice.

This voice blows your doors off right from the opening scene rippin’ an Etta James blues number while ankle deep in fish (everything) at the crack of dawn on the trawler. The song track/song choice for the CODA soundtrack is spirited & engaging. Her final song at a life turning/Rudy-like moment in front of family was movie magic.

Great movie!


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