Spotted Lanternfly
Spotted Lanternfly

MIDDLETOWN, NJ – After increased sightings in Monmouth County, the Middletown Health Department advises the community to be aware of the Spotted Lanternfly. It is a serious invasive pest that feeds on sap from over 70 different plant species. It excretes honeydew while feeding, which results in mold covering the plant and anything nearby. While Spotted Lanternflies do not directly hurt humans or animals, they can negatively impact our agriculture, economy, and everyday life. 

If you see a Spotted Lanternfly, take a photo of it and report it to the NJ Department of Agriculture (NJDA) or call 833-4BADBUG (833-422-3284). The NJDA is urging anyone who comes across the insect to report and destroy it immediately to help slow the spread. 

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For more information, visit the New Jersey Department of Agriculture’s website. For additional resources from the NJDA about the invasive bug and how to help control the spread, visit the NJDA’s Homeowner Resources

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