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ATL. HIGHLANDS – Republican candidates for Borough Council Ellen O’Dwyer and incumbent councilman  James Murphy accepted the invitation of the League of Women Voters to participate in a candidate forum for the municipal election in November for candidates for the two seats open on the Council this year.

The Democratic candidates announced yesterday they have accepted the invitation, and independent candidates Morgan Spicer and Zack Brown have also indicated their participation.

“Both Jim and I are delighted that all of the candidates for election are willing to present their views and outline their plans in a public forum, “ said O’Dwyer. “We want to thank the League for offering to conduct the forum, and for adopting virtual webinars , not only for the health and safety measures, provides,  but also because it would enable so many more people to attend.”

Democrats Lesley D’Almeida and Brian Dougherty had invited the League to conduct the forum, but no time or date has been set until the League receives responses from all the candidates regarding their participation.

“I love the opportunity for each of us to present our views, and more importantly our goals and plans for achieving those goals to all our residents.” O’Dwyer said. “In this way, voters will have the opportunity to ask questions, weigh all the information, and make wise choices for the future of their hometown,”  Murphy added.

Both candidates said it is important that the forum focus on local issues, local concerns, and local ideas for continuing development and change in a positive and comprehensive manner that will preserve the historic character and at the same time accommodate the ever-growing population and new commercial business.

The LWV will conduct the forum virtually but using the same format they have always followed for in-person events including using professionally trained moderators with no connection to candidates or the towns of elections.

Under their plan,  LWV members design questions to cover every point and issue designed through interaction with local residents.  Questions will be screened to avoid divisive questions or personal attacks.

Registrants for the forum can not only view the forum in real time but will also have a link to the LWV website made available after the forum, giving them the opportunity to review the program once again at their leisure.

Though a date has not yet been set, the League schedule would have it take place in either September or October;  the public will be notified in advance of the time and registration procedures.

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