ATL. HIGHLANDS – “We just can’t tell you how happy we are to be able to celebrate a month!”

That was the comment from each of the HWLs….hard working librarians, at the Atlantic Highlands Branch of the Monmouth County Library.

With the opening of Borough Hall July 1, this branch of the Monmouth County Library was able to re-open its doors to the public as other branches and the Headquarters library in Manalapan had previously done.

Celebrating a month of members and guests coming through the door “has been simply a sharing of smiles,” said Faye Sacco, “we are so happy to be able to help them select books and see them walk up and down the aisles looking for whatever they want.”

“It’s the smiles from the moms and dads and children that I love so much,” added Lauren Garcia, the children’s librarian at this branch. “It’s wonderful to be able to see the moms sitting here reading stories to their little ones, and to see the dads walk up and down the aisles in the children’s section looking for just the right book for his youngsters.”


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Each of the four employed at this facility concurred, with Phyllis LaMarche adding the smiles as people come in and the bigger smiles when they can find their own books are great to see.” Barbara Eckert said that being able to be open once again with so many visitors coming in each day is proof of how well the library is appreciated in the borough and the surrounding area.

Each of the staff members also gave high marks to the library’s newest addition of technology now available at this branch, the Envisionware service table and computers. The  company, based in Atlanta, Ga., in a provider of technology solutions to assist in ser-service and efficiency that enhance library services and give more variety, challengers and empowerment to patrols. Originally designed for print management and reservation services software, the firm is now a leader in library circulation and a broad range of self-service solutions.

A table close to the entry to the library includes six individual handheld computers available to all library members at no charge for an hour at a time. Each of the computers is equipped with all the County Library’s online programs, and users have the ability to sit anywhere within the library to enjoy any of the programs on Upcoming Events on the library’s site, games, activities, programs, their own e-mail, and numerous other interactive and online programs and activities.

“It’s perfect for the library member who doesn’t want to sit at one of our desktops to do her work, and it’s even great for a parent who wants to read a child a story with the youngster on her lap,” said Mrs. Sacco.  Members who take out the EnvisionWare also make great use of the sun-filled solarium at the library, while others simply want to sit quietly in the back area before the solarium section. “We’ve been very busy with this addition, and our visitors are praising the library for being so technically capable and knowledgeable to provide this for them,” Ms. Sacco continued.

Currently, the Atlantic Highlands branch is open Tuesdays from 9 to 4 p.m., Wednesdays from 9 to 6 p.m., Thursdays, from 1 to 9 p.m. Fridays from 1 to 5 p.m. and Saturdays from 9 to 1 p.m. It is closed Sundays and Mondays but the book drop in front of Borough Hall is always open for returns.

For further information on this branch, and all branches and headquarters of the Monmouth County Library, visit Visit the Upcoming Events column to register for numerous virtual programs.

New members are always invited to join the library and can do so at any branch in the county-wide system.

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