If you don’t communicate with your constituents – how can you lead? If you aren’t transparent with your residents – how can you build trust?

Open communication and transparency seemingly go together. A leader should be accessible, visible and quickly disseminate news, information and upcoming projects to the voters they serve After all, it’s the taxpayer’s hard-earned money – why keep them in the dark?

The incumbent mayor famously said: “I am running for mayor of Tinton Falls because I value transparency, and want to give a voice back to the residents.”

However, once elected, he broke those promises.

Astonishingly, the mayor’s first act was to disband his very own Mayor’s Advisory Committee, which consisted of several residents. A group the mayor personally formed because “it was a great way to create a direct connection between the residents and the administration”.

Next, the mayor defunded the newsletter, removed the public relations liaison, and drastically reduced the content on the municipal website. Additionally, the mayor’s Office of Economic Development, a liaison to the business community, has never even met.  

Amazingly, Tinton Falls’ own Instagram page, which is a fast and easy way to communicate with the residents, has 0 posts.  The mayor’s own official Facebook page has only 1 posting in over 3 years – and it’s to ask for your re-election vote!

As mayor, I will use both traditional and modern ways to communicate with the hard-working taxpayers of Tinton Falls. When is the last time you heard or seen the current mayor?

Michael Miles
Candidate for Mayor of Tinton Falls, 2021

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Michael Miles

Michael Miles is a life-long resident of Monmouth County and a businessman. He is married to his wife Christine for a decade and have two young children in the Tinton Falls school system. Michael is running...