REF: Coast Guard Taking Final Comments on Height of Future Oceanic Bridge Across Navesink River

The Oceanic Bridge must be replaced. It has served our Two River community for
about 80 years. The process to get the Federal funding required to pay for the
replacement of the longest bridge in Monmouth county has been ongoing for
over 15 years.

Part of this process is to get a permit from the US Coast Guard regarding the
clearances needed for marine traffic. (width & height vessel clearances) On July
12, 2021 the US Coast Guard issued Preliminary Public Notice 1-187 soliciting
public comments from all interested parties, both mariners and the general public
“to express their views on the proposed bridge project, giving sufficient detail to
establish a clear understanding of their reasons for support of or opposition to
the proposed work.” It is now time for you to speak up, again.

The public commented on the Preliminary Preferred Alternative (PPA) presented
by Monmouth County Officials last summer. (A 65” MHW clearance fixed span
bridge peaking at over 80’ tall. ) Of the close to 400 respondents, over 84% did
not want a high fixed span bridge.

Friends of the Oceanic Bridge Assoc., Inc. would prefer to have a 45’ (MHW)
clearance midlevel bascule bridge, rather than a 65’(MHW) clearance fixed span
bridge. A 45’ high draw bridge would allow 97% of the marine traffic to pass
through the bridge without it having to open. The Federal government will not
pay for a draw bridge where a fixed span bridge can be built in most cases. We
are hoping to compromise and have a 50’ (MHW) clearance fixed span bridge
built. This would let 98% of the marine traffic pass underneath it, and have less
impact on pedestrian and cycling traffic who use the bridge for recreational

We are trying to get the Coast Guard to lower the height clearance from 65’
(MHW) to 50’(MHW).

Please take a moment to write and send your Public Comment to Commander
(dpb), First Coast Guard District, Battery Park Building, 1 South St., New York, NY
10004-1466 or to [email protected] through August 13, 2021.

Thank you.

Todd E. Thompson, President
Friends of the Oceanic Bridge Association, Inc.
Rumson, NJ

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