We have a pool that has not been opened in two summers. Understandably, last year even though most pools were open, we understood, due to Covid. This year here it is July 12 and our pool remains closed to us despite  the fact that it is advertised as an amenity and was one of the reasons we moved here. Also, the pool usually opens late and closes early every year that I’ve lived here.

This year the landlord has given us many different reasons why the pool is not open. First he didn’t get the cover off the pool till the beginning of June. The story was then that last year‘s pool company was fighting with this year‘s pool company over paperwork. He also told us in a email the delay was due to Covid regulations. Well, find out what they are and implement them.

Then the pool had to be cleaned and filled. That took a week. Then there had to be inspections from the town and the health department. Pool didn’t pass because something that was supposed to be replaced last year wasn’t so that took time and then inspection had to be rescheduled.

Now this brings us up to approximately July 4. Then it was a matter of the lifeguards. Supposedly the pool company had a lifeguards but then they didn’t . Well what lifeguard is going to wait around half the summer to do his job and get paid. Why didn’t the landlord pay the guys and keep them on standby? 


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Now with help we have found, meaning the residents have found, two sisters who are certified lifeguards and are willing to work. Now we’re told he’s been negotiating with them. The phone numbers for these girls were obtained last Wednesday that’s approximately a week ago. We were told originally he was willing to pay $20 an hour for a lifeguard. What’s to negotiate? Pay the money and get the pool opened.

I would advise anyone who is planning to move to this building not to. There are other things that this landlord has been negligent on which i will not go into today. But this building is not as advertised believe me. It is in no way a luxury building.

Brenda Hodgkis
Atlantic Highlands, NJ

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