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ATLANTIC HIGHLANDS, NJ – The borough has four full time positions in the Public Works Department ready to be filled immediately, and all interested persons are invited to apply.

While the vacancies occurred for a variety of reasons, it is unusual the borough can accept and train four new employees at the same time, said Borough Administrator Adam Hubeny, in urging persons to apply immediately.

“Employers have found that it is tough to hire people in this day and age, “ the administrator said, a point also made obvious in the number of businesses that are posting Help Wanted signs. “The pandemic has been awful to business. Many are closing their doors during the week because they can’t find staff. It is easy to sit back and collect unemployment payments but that will end at some point. Then there will be an influx of job seekers.  For me and our team, that can’t come soon enough.”


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The administrator said the jobs are open to all qualified applicants as the borough is  an equal opportunity employer. The $30,000 starting salary is in addition to full benefits including insurance and vacation, sick, personal, pension plan, healthcare, life insurance and more. Hubeny added the borough will also train new personnel, however, those already holding a commercial driver’s license are preferred.

Employees work eight hour days with varying hours depending on the assignments, with sanitation and harbor employees on various schedules.

Hubeny said the recent vacancies came from some employees moving on to a career change or higher salaries, though the salary doesn’t appear to be the primary issue for employees leaving positions once they begin work with the borough departments. While salaries may appear low, comparatively speaking, he said, the number and types of benefits that come with it represent an additional 60 percent of value over the starting salary. “It’s more than salary, I would think,” Hubeny continued, “since we have employees who have been here 20, 30 and even more than 40 years.”

While most of those leaving their positions gave two weeks’ notice of the pending vacancy, Hubeny said there have been occasions when the DPW Director was simply told by an employee he would not be in the next day.  “That makes it a bit more difficult,” he conceded.

“DPW Director Jim Phillips and supervisors work well together and will join together to do what is right for our community,” Hubeny stressed when questioned on how the borough will handle four vacancies in a short time. “ I commend all supervisors for chipping in and continuing to provide uninterrupted service to our residents and businesses.”

The jobs listings have been posted on the borough’s Facebook page.  

Interested persons can fill out applications found online under FORMS and send them to: Adam Hubeny, 100 First Avenue, Atlantic Highlands, NJ 07716 or drop it off at Borough Hall or email [email protected]

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