Susan Kvarantan
Susan Kvarantan
Susan Kvarantan

Dear Susan Kvarantan,

It’s the end or an era

Your last day is done

Because you’re a wordsmith

We offer this fun

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When asked of your colleagues

Some words about you

So many ideas

To describe our friend Sue

There’s witting and clever

There’s bibliophile

There’s determined and whip-smart

This could go on a while

Professional and mighty

Tenacious and strong

Honorable and steadfast

Correcting writing wrongs

A letter to the Herald

An advocate for all

Articulate and powerful

Despite she’s rather small

Oh, but this is not enough

Though these words are true

We put it in the paper

A dedication to you!



The Atlantic Highlands Education Association

Susan Kvarantan is retiring from Atlantic Highlands Elementary School after 31 years as a teacher.

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