Colts Neck Lions Club Beep Ball

Colts Neck Lions Club Beep Ball

COLTS NECK, NJ – Having any type of disability is hard for many reasons but one that most would agree would be finding ways to stay physically active on a team sport.  For the New Jersey Titans, they have found an outlet that allows them to be part of a team and enjoy America’s favorite pastime – Baseball.  The Titan’s are thrilled to host the first annual Colts Neck Classic BEEP BALL Tournament this year along with the Colts Neck Lions Club as well as the Parks and Recreation of Colts Neck. 

NJ Titans provides their players with an outlet for healthy competition, but it also instills in them confidence, a community of fellow athletes both locally and nationally, and connections to valuable contacts that have led several players to jobs, a critical issue as 70% of blind people are unemployed.   These dedicated athletes that just happen to be visually impaired range in age from 10-60 years old, men and women from different states and countries and are a member of the National Beep Baseball Association and last year they finished 5th in the World Series in 2019.  The players on the team are the clear story here, as many have faced and overcome challenges throughout their lives, as they’ve managed being blind from birth or have had to handle a gradual loss of vision later in life. Several of the players are former high school athletes who have been able to continue their athletic lives with the Titans.

The Colts Neck Lions Club continue to be inspired by these athletes and are thankful for the chance to continue to grow with the organization.  A true show of sportsmanship, dedication, loyalty and constant congratulations were given to each player after every hit, play, catch and run.   Regardless of which jersey a player was wearing there was always applause and shouts of “good hit, great play and good try” that rang out during the entire tournament.


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The Colts Neck Lions are thrilled to be able to assist the NJ Titans with their upcoming tournament that will be played right in our backyard at Dorbrook Recreation Area on Saturday July 10th.  We invite the community to come out and support BEEP Baseball, the games will be played at 9:00am, 11:30am and 2:30pm.  The Colts Neck Lions Club are a group of 55 men and women who identify needs within the community and work together to fulfill those needs.

We hope you all come out to support these amazing athletes!  Sponsorship opportunities are also available.  Please reach out to the Colts Neck Lion’s Club website for additional information.  


To learn more about Beep Baseball and The Colts Neck Lions Club please visit our websites

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