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Someone recently told me I am gullible. Gullible? Me? This person obviously does not know me well. Sure, I smile a lot. I talk to animals. Heck, I even talk to myself! But such eccentricities hardly mean I am credulous or easily persuaded. Quite the opposite. Cynical by nature, I am unmoved by rhetoric. In my profession and my hobbies, I lean toward creativity, but the decisions I make in my personal life rely on reason, research, and validation. I don’t buy into conspiracy theories or “out there” explanations. Imagine my surprise, then, when I was called gullible for believing the pandemic in India is real and for accepting the Covid vaccine. Both, I was told, are part of the “Great Reset,” a manipulation of the global economy by a group of world leaders. And here I thought the “Great Reset” was a positive movement led by the World Economic Forum to explore global recovery from the economic damage caused by the coronavirus pandemic! I had no idea the “Great Reset” is actually a sinister agent of social control!

It’s not, of course. That’s just me being sarcastic (not gullible). There is no evidence that the political masterminds behind the “Great Reset” orchestrated the virus for the specific purpose of destroying capitalism. Think logically about that for a moment. Would the fat cats in Washington, the very backbone of capitalism, do anything to destroy the system that lines their pockets? Regardless of political platforms, these politicians are exactly where they are because of capitalism. Money makes the world go around (told you I was cynical), and those who are dedicated to money are not about to instigate any plan that would harm the bottom line. As for India, I am appalled that anyone who views film footage from that Covid stricken country could promote the idea that India’s suffering is fake. Think about that, too. If it were fake, wouldn’t some ambitious reporter looking to make a name for himself/herself diligently work to expose the faux pandemic, or are we to believe the global media is also privy to the conspiracy? If the “Great Reset” conspiracy theory were true, what an accomplishment that would be! World leaders can’t agree on much, but the “Great Reset” posits they all came together to orchestrate the greatest sociological and economic manipulation of all time.

On second thought, a “Great Reset” isn’t such a bad idea after all. The world could use a do-over. Let’s begin again with a more equitable distribution of resources and wealth. A restructuring of the hierarchy of society would surely favorably impact the hierarchy of needs, or at the very least, level the playing field. The “Great Reset” could change religion, too, and eliminate the “holier than thou” attitude inherent in the system of faith and worship. Hit “reset” and your God will no longer be any better or any less than mine. Ideally, a reset would allow us to recognize one Higher Power, the Creator of all. We would unite in our common humanity. Wouldn’t that be fantastic? It’s fantastic already, but not in the positive sense of the word (my cynicism again). A common humanity, where we are all equal and treat one another fairly, is far, far from reality.

The ”Great Reset,” apart from the World Economic Forum’s efforts, is fantastic, too. Remote from reality. Fanciful. Unreal. I’ve done my due diligence; I can’t be convinced otherwise. Politicians are not utilizing the “Great Reset” to control and reorganize the world. The horror unfolding in India is not fake. The Covid vaccine did not inject me with monkey DNA or aborted fetal tissue. These conspiracy theories are false, rooted in fear, and do more harm than good. Those who believe and promote such theories are the very definition of gullible. 


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Anne M. Mikolay joined The Atlantic Highlands Herald as a columnist in 2008. Prior to penning “The Armchair Critic,” Anne wrote feature articles for The Monmouth Journal. Her work has appeared in national...