To the Editor

In today’s world,  it’s sad that we have to repeat ourselves, but we said it last year as well as the years before, we proudly say it again! The Atlantic Highlands Republican Club is in 100% support our Police. They risk their lives to protect ours every day!

We condemn the Atlantic Highlands Democrats for their recent post, which they recently limited comments on it before ultimately taking the post down late last night after severe pressure.

For anyone who may not have seen the post before it was removed in the middle of the night’ the post was of a faceless, brown skinned male with his hands hands up in the air with holes in his shirt. Below it was the following that states “Hands Up, They Shoot, Hands Down, They Shoot, You Walk, They Shoot, You Run, They Shoot, You Hide, They Shoot, You Sleep, They Shoot, You Comply, They Shoot”.  By “they” this picture implies that “they” are our Law Enforcement Officer

The post sadly divides our tiny community and others in our area by attempting to entice violence and spread hatred towards our police officers! Furthermore, this hateful message sends the wrong message to our youth which should trust our men and woman in blue and not fear them.

We the Atlantic Highlands Republicans, denounce this hatred toward the police  as well as any hatred against anyone.

Brian A. Boms
AH GOP Municipal Chairman

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Brian A. Boms

Brian A. Boms is AH GOP Municipal Chairman