Hands Up - They Shoot
Image that appeared on AH Democrats facebook page
Hands Up - They Shoot

ATLANTIC HIGHLANDS, NJ – Local PBA President Adam Gurian, a member of the local police department, let the governing body know at last night’s meeting of the Mayor and Council how offended members of Local PBA 242 are  at the Atlantic Highlands Democratic Party’s post on their Facebook page April 13.

The officer, speaking not only as a member of the local law enforcement department and president of the police local but also as a concerned father and husband, said the photo on the club’s Facebook page of a faceless, brown skinned male subject, hands up in the air, with four bullet holes on his shirt, was accompanied by writing stating “Hands Up, They Shoot, Hands Down, They Shoot, You Walk, They Shoot, You Run, They Shoot, You Hide, They Shoot, You Sleep, They Shoot, You Comply, They Shoot”  “By “they,” the officer told the governing body, “this picture insinuates that “they” are law enforcement officers.”

“This post, which is completely untrue attempts to spew hatred, and entice violence towards Law Enforcement Officers with no factual basis behind it,” the officer continued to read to the governing body. “    All is does is teach young kids that all Law Enforcement Officers are “racist, killers and this attitude can result in somebody getting hurt or killed.”

Gurian continued to read his statement that the comment is inflammatory and untrue and residents of any age should not be taught to be afraid of them. “This disgusting rhetoric attempts to portray a false narrative that police shoot people for no reason.:


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Gurian took a small measure of comfort, however, in also noting the page appears to have 459 fans, but only received two comments and ten ‘likes,’ Although this Atlantic Highlands Democratic Club Facebook page has 459 fans with only 2 comments and 10 likes, something he said “proves to us that a majority do not support this ignorant view.”

Ironically, Gurian continued, it was March 12 when the governing body passed a resolution making May Law Enforcement Appreciation Month in the borough.  But, “one month and one day later this post appears.”

Gurian said PBA local 242 members are not only surprised at the apparent feelings of the Democratic Club against then, but offended by it.  The department that serves this community, he said, is diverse and serves the entire community with the upmost pride and respect and concluded the “Atlantic Highlands PBA denounces any form of hatred or injustice against anyone and we condemn this post and what it represents.”

Borough Attorney Jason Sena reminded the governing body that with his recommendation, the governing body never makes any comments or take any action either for or against any political activities at council meeting and no action or any comments were made by any members of the governing body other to accept the officer’s comments during the routine public portion of the meeting.

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