I have finally started to catch up on my reading and came across Jack Grodeska’s “NINA” article of 17 March of this year. He hits the nail right on the head.

I say this because I often travel to Ireland. While there, I am often asked, “What is going on in your country? Why does everyone fight each other and the government speaks in ambiguous terms?”

NINA does show how people treat dissimilar others, then as well as now. However, I believe that our government should take a healthy portion of the blame for these occurrences. All I hear, see, hear and read from the federal government leaves me wondering how much truth are we receiving? No matter their political persuasion, officials seem to have their own agendas. They also seem to become detached from their constituents and the true concerns and needs of the citizenry. I further feel these attitudes trickle down to state and locals levels all over the country.

I believe that when our representatives and leadership fail us, we turn inward for protection and guidance. Left up to our own devices, it is easy to fall into protectionism. We tend to reject those who are not like us, either in race, gender, belief, just about anything we might interpret as unacceptable or even threatening.


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Like Mr. Grodeska states, we, as a society, need to be tolerant, even supportive, of good, decent, hard working peoples who come to our shores. Our representatives need to “come home”, understand us, and be true to their constituents.



Art Arway

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