David Prown
David Prown
David Prown

Nothing caught my attention about the movie “The Marksman” EXCEPT it keeps hanging around the theatres.  And who doesn’t like Liam Neilson, who always seems to play the guy with a tough veneer and a kind heart.  Plus being under 2 hours long, I figured to give it a shot (no pun intended).

Living on theTexas/Mexico border, Jim is this gun toting rancher, US flag on his pick up truck &  a 2-way radio on his hip with a direct line to US Border control, sure seemed like I knew where this film was going.

Making the rounds following his cattle (with one eye on the border watching for crossers), he nearly runs over 10 year Miguel who just come through the border fence.  He and his Mom are being chased by the Cartel as payback for his Uncle who stole $ from them. 

A gun fight ensues and Jim, a former Marine, takes out the brother of the Cartel’s head honcho while the latter kills Miguel’s Mom (Dad deceased previously).  Jim was clearly protecting the Mom and son so we now see his trademark heart.  Her dying wish is for Jim, who she does not know at all, to take her son to Chicago to connect with her US family,’


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The cartel, who is highly powerful, connected, technology savvy, weapons strong and fearless, have both Jim and the boty on their bucket list of who to kill next.  Hence begins the race north thru the US to get Miguel to family while knowing full well the Cartel (group of 4)  is a very hot on their trail.

Not sure if based on a true story.  But “very unnerving” the Cartel’s influence/power with US border patrol and law enforcement throughout the chase.  No doubt, this chase was going to end with bloodshed.

I loved the casting of Miguel as a clear as day visually and yes bi-lingual, smart, religious, loving and likeable Mexican boy.  He connects with the inner kind-hearted Jim on their mission who wasn’t leaving much behind (and we don’t know where he is going next)

Grade: B


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