David Prown
David Prown
David Prown

Busted!! I went to see the movie “The Little Things” 100% as a salute to uber actor Denzel Washington.  He has provided me decades of big screen entertainment and he absolutely deserves that I blindly by a ticket to anything he does.

Once I settled in my seat (3 people including me in the entire theatre) I thought to myself, always worrying about the future of theaters, is he the highest profile actor to return to the big screen since they reopened? – I think the answer is yes.

It took me a while to try to remember when I first saw his work focusing on movies when it dawned on me “dummy” that he rocked some Dr. role in a TV Fav of mine…”St. Elsewhere”..   What a career.

This movie “The Little Things” was terrifically entertaining…man did I have a great time!!! Killer supporting cast Rami Malek  (may have the most fascinating face today n any screen/stage (Broke through as Freddy Mercury in the Queen’s movie) & Jason Leto (3 Academy Award Winners in 1 film!!) – super casting job.

Playing Deputy Sheriff Joe “Deke” Deacon in a small town he is asked to head to LA, his former town to collect evidence.  Clearly he was a B.M.O.C. in 

LA and made quite a name for himself there (good and bad).  While visiting, ge encounters an unsolved, active serial murder case that ties to his history. It was case he was working on that also stained his name to the extent it caused him to leave town.

He meets hot shot, rising star in LAPD Sgt. Baxter (Malek) who is young and flashy yet old school in being the voice of the deceased very seriously.  These 2 really connect investigation wise despite generations apart and  clearly ID Leto as the leading suspect.

The tension, the music, the lighting, the script works exceptionally well …you be very well entertained.  Not overly violent and almost no sex.  Just really worked.  You will love the investigative passion/dedication of 2 different generations of detectives who clearly value the job more than the politics.

Grade: A-


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