“This is not who we are.”  That’s the refrain from Trump supporters as they watch the sacking and murder at the Capitol by the terrorists in their cult. Oh, I beg to differ.  This is exactly what the Trump movement has always been about; violence, intimidation, and delusional thinking, from people who, when not beating police officers and ransacking the symbol of our republic, could probably walk down our streets and not attract any undue attention. But they did murder and ransack, and now they have the attention of many, many people who want justice.

Having received countless angry reactions, including a death threat, for displaying a “Veterans Against Trump ” sign, I know first hand what the Trump cultists are really about. They’re the reason I defend my First Amendment rights with the Second Amendment.  But now the hunters are the hunted. The FBI, soon to be free of Trump, is steadily identifying and charging the terrorists. And scores of thousands of amateur digital sleuths daily identify the terrorists and send their research to the FBI. Domestic terrorists beware: the hunters are skilled, determined, and they are on your trail. Eventually, you will be found and brought to justice.

But maybe it won’t be an investigator that brings you to justice. Maybe it’s your ex-spouse or lover that provides a tip. Maybe a neighbor you snubbed. Maybe a relative, a coworker, or someone you consider a friend. From now on, you will not know peace. Is the knock on the door the FBI? Who knows you were in DC that day? Did the stranger in the store that stared at you recognize you from a wanted poster? Could the video or post you shared during the riot be the clue that brings you down? You scrubbed your page, but no matter, that data is accessible to law enforcement. And oh, did you have a Parler account? Did you shoot your mouth off about the Boogaloo? Maybe do some planning for the riot? Investigators are really looking forward to your insights.

This is not Big Tech, the Deep State, Big Brother or whatever your favorite conspiracy fetish is. This is you acting badly, and now dealing with the consequences for trying to overthrow a democratic republic at the behest of a madman. This is justice, and it is coming for you, because you have shown us what you are.


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Mark Grieco
Atlantic Highlands, NJ

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