An Open Letter to the People of Atlantic Highlands:

The year 2020 will forever be tarnished with asterisks of a global pandemic, national political concerns, and personal impacts of economic “shutdowns.”

In the upcoming year of 2021, as we all seek better days ahead, I would like to propose a new type of “shut down.”  One that does not need to be implemented from a top down, but merely by each individual citizen.

My letter to each one of you is below, join me in spreading the news about a new Shut Down of 2021.



In this new year, let us SHUT DOWN THE TURMOIL  the turmoil and distress of 2020. 

Acknowledging a need for not only a change in the calendar, but also from within ourselves.

Let us seek change from within BEFORE we attempt to demand it from others.

This year, “shut down” the divisiveness, the nastiness, and the fighting; along with everything they produce.

Shut down the hate which shelters and cultivates the three, and free yourself from its grasp.  

Shut down those whose intent is not in line with better days ahead for all and is narrowly based on self-interest or personal opinion.

Shut down any inner thoughts that have been birthed from false narratives and propaganda.

Shut down all generalizations of others and start striving to understand others and accept their differences.

Shut down the temptation to rest on civic duties and acceptance of “tough times” as the “end of times.”

Shut down 2020 and all that led up to it by persevering in 2021 like never before as one: one people, one country, one year at a time.

Yesterday, is behind us and tomorrow starts today.




James Murphy, Council President

Atlantic Highlands Borough Council


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Jim Murphy

Jim Murphy is Atlantic Highlands Council President