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MANALAPAN – A series of virtual events geared exclusively for teens is offered on a regular basis by the Monmouth County Library.

“I am so pleased the library director Judi Tolchin and the entire staff of the Monmouth County Library have been so innovative with these programs,” said County Commissioner Lillian G, Burry, the Commission’s liaison to the Library Committee. “They have created and continue to provide a variety of programs so diverse and interesting it would be hard to believe there is not something for every teen interest.”

Burry cited several of the programs, starting with the Virtual Escape Room set to begin Friday, Jan. 15, when teens will have the opportunity solve a mystery, and an escape, from a laboratory. The program is conducted on Google Forms and all teens are invited to participate.

In February, a Trivia Night with rounds of questions focusing on books, movies, current events, and sports is offered for pre-teens between the ages of 7 and 12, but also interesting and could be challenging for older teens, Burry continued. That Jeopardy-style night is offered at 7 p.m. Feb. 17.

For those interested in improving their SAT scores, math classes  designed as a prep for SATs will be offered Wednesdays at 6:30 p.m. once a month through March, beginning Jan. 27, continuing Feb. 24 and ending March 31.

“The library even offers recommendations as the Librarian’s Picks for the year,” said Burry, noting they are books by authors known to be popular among teens, including Brittney Morris, Erin  Craig and Ashley Shuttleworth.

“Another unique idea is the Day in the Life of a Quaranteen,”  said Burry.  This is an opportunity for teens who are creating service hours to earn one or two hours simply by using their talents in writing a song or prose. Burry explained teens can submit  articles between now and August,  be it an essay, poem, journal entry, song, or anything else personally written, that describes his life, thoughts and feelings during Covid-19. Entries will be judged according to the guidelines set for each, and participants for this event must hold library card memberships. Two accepted submissions can be accepted from each participant.

“I encourage not only teens, but their parents and even younger brothers and sisters, to visit and see the guidelines for each of these programs, see what else the library offers especially for our readers, and encourage others to take advantage of the best library system in the state,” Burry continued. “It’s all there to help our teens,  educate them, enable them to be creative, and to simply have fun.” the Commissioner said.

For further information on al programs and presentations of the Monmouth County Library, visit or @MonCoLibrary

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