To the Editor:

My response to the Democrat Council representative’s letter regarding the desecration of The People’s Capitol building in Washington DC on January 6th 2021.

Firstly the peaceful protest of nearly 500,000 American voters in DC on January 6th was the direct result of 74,000,000 voters having their votes disenfranchised by a clearly fraudulent election that took place on November 3rd 2020 and more importantly in the wee hours of November 4th 2020.

We believe President Trump won the election by a very large margin . If not for the Democrats ability to harvest ballots, change voting rules at the last moment, thereby violating the six states involved own State Constitutions by circumventing the states legislatures and the use of a pandemic to keep Americans from voting in person it would not have been possible to alter the results of President Trump’s win.

The faulty Dominion voting machines also played a huge role in altering votes cast for President Trump to Biden.

There is overwhelming evidence including statistical data science studied by renowned experts in those fields of study from all over the world that show clearly Biden’s win was mathematically impossible.

There are a vast number of witnesses that are willing to offer their testimony as to all the irregularities they witnessed on November 3rd 2020. Any reasonable minded person would conclude that something was way off with all of this.

The lower courts in the six states where all this corruption occurred did not truly allow for an honest day in court for the 74,000,000 American voters who know there was vast voter fraud perpetrated upon our election system.

The Supreme Court refused to even look at it. We can only speculate at this point why Chief Justice John Roberts and others on the Highest Court in our land wanted no part of this.

Most Americans believe the courts were afraid of the violence that would explode across our nation by the Democrats and their operatives if the fraudulent election results were overturned in favor of President Trump.

They had good reason to be fearful given the fact that all summer long it was Biden supporters who destroyed private and public property in Democrat controlled cities and states throughout our country.

Public statues were torn down, private businesses were destroyed and innocent people lost their life’s including children. Lets not forget the Police in those cities were sometimes murdered and constantly attacked with calls to defund and eliminate the police altogether.

The 500,000 Trump supporters gathered in our Nation’s Capitol were there to voice their opposition to a stolen election loudly, in great numbers but peacefully.

I’ve been personally present many times over the years doing the same thing. On September 9th 2009 I was there protesting against government takeover of our healthcare system. There were hundreds of thousands of us there and no violence or destruction occurred. I came back with my sons and brothers in 2010 to another rally hosted by both black and white men & woman of all walks of life to show unity and combat racism. Again, no violence, no destruction of public or private property.

I’ve marched in the March for Life 4 years in a row with my lovely wife and never was there violence or destruction of private or public property. President Trump was present last year, it was wonderful!

There are videos available now showing Antifa members being escorted right up to the Front of the crowd outside the Capitol by police.

You have to ask yourself why would that happen at a Peaceful Trump rally? Especially when our representatives inside the Capitol were debating and questioning the merits of election results. They were doing exactly what the 74,000,000 disenfranchised voters wanted.

Why would Trump supporters want to storm in and stop the process? It makes no sense.

It is believed by millions of Americans that the ones who breached the Capitol and caused the havoc, chaos and ultimate deaths of at least two Americans on January 6th 2020 were actually brought in by those who wanted to stop the debate and discussion.

Of course Democrats like our very own Democrat Council members are more then happy to blame President Trump & his supporters for the actions of people who can only be described as evil.

Now Facebook, Twitter, and all the big tech including our very own Democrat Council members want to shut down any discussion of a fraudulent election, the actions of bad people who were brought in to disrupt a peaceful protest and scare any Republican leaders who up until that moment were gathering the courage to question the integrity of our recent election and challenge the validity of the ballots collected on November 3rd and beyond.

They want you to forget about all the violence that took place under their watch in Democrat controlled cities and states across America.

In fact the Democrat mayors and governors of these cities and states where the violence occurred actually supported these acts of domestic terrorism, fanning the flames if you will aided and abetted by the so called “Main Stream “ media.

Remember when Speaker Pelosi, minority leader Chuck Schumer and other Democrat leaders of the House and Senate this summer actually took a knee in solidarity with BLM in the halls of the Capitol building as a photo op in a lame attempt to show they were with them and of course not racists.

Our esteemed Democrat Council members want us to ignore the fact that they either helped bring in or at least vigorously supported inviting BLM protests into our community of Atlantic Highlands this summer.

They are pretending to take the high road and call for unity when for the past 4 years their party at the highest levels in our government did everything they could to demoralize and disrupt the good work President Trump and his supporters were working toward for the good of all Americans.

Councilman Hohenleitner writes eloquently and presents a very reasonable and respectful image in public but I remember an encounter I had with her in April of 2020 when it was just her and I in the room where I was hosting a blood drive. She obviously didn’t like the fact that I was wearing a Trump 2020 hat of which I had a right to wear. After all I was simply wearing a hat of my choice supporting a duly elected President. She suggested I should consider wearing something else and used language about our President Trump, lets just say, unbecoming of a lady.

I responded by thanking her for donating to the blood drive.

She can deny that this took place, but she and I both know it’s very true. She revealed her deep hatred for President Trump that afternoon and honestly I found it quite bizarre.

There was one other person that day that felt a need to tell me I shouldn’t be showing partisan politics by wearing my hat at a blood drive. However, she wasn’t filled with hate in her eyes and demeanor.

I do agree that National politics should not prevent the citizens of Atlantic Highlands from living and working together as neighbors in our lovely town but as I’ve said in the past the actions of the players in the big arena of political power and persuasion do ultimately affect our rights and the way we live and operate as a community in the smaller arenas of life in America.

The Democratic Party in a concerted effort with Big Tech and Corporate News media are trying to shut down Free Speech and open dialogue of opposing positions under the guise of social justice and protecting our democracy.

This behavior is unAmerican and fits in with the way a tyrannical Communist society is operated.

One last point, why was it necessary to have Senator Cory Book swear in our local Council members if these very Council members claim that we shouldn’t let National politics infect the workings of our local community?

Shouldn’t that honor have been given to our local duly elected Mayor?


Michael F. Burke Sr.

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