The desecration of our Capitol was only a byproduct of the insurrectionist’s true plan to subvert the will of the American people through the use of domestic terrorism. Make no mistake: overthrowing our government and silencing the people’s voice by tossing aside our lawfully cast votes was their main objective. As your elected officials, we firmly and unequivocally denounce these acts. 

This failed coup was nurtured and incited by President Trump and his enablers who were willing to disenfranchise millions of citizens by amplifying his baseless claims of election fraud. Skepticism is healthy, but after all venues for legal challenge were exhausted, logic & reason should have prevailed and the peaceful transfer of power begun. Instead, the arguments became more remote, the conspiracy theories increasingly bizarre and the rhetoric more violent. And then the attack came. 

As your elected officials, our primary focus is on our roads, our schools, our local businesses… our community. And yet, all of this is at risk if we do not acknowledge that our democracy is in peril. We cannot abdicate our responsibility by burying our heads in the sand and we must accept that the vitriol did not come from Democrats, it came from Donald Trump and his willingness to divide our country for his own benefit. It is time to pick a different path. 

We look forward to our colleagues from across the aisle joining us in firmly denouncing the President’s actions. Further, let us resolve that divisive national politics will no longer be part of the borough’s business; instead, we must remain focused on the local issues that concern and bind Atlantic Highland’s residents. 



Jon Crowley, Councilman

Roy Dellosso, Councilman

Lori Hohenleitner, Councilwoman  

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Jon Crowley

Jon Crowley

Jon Crowley is an Atlantic Highlands Councilman.

Roy Dellosso

Roy Dellosso is an Atlantic Highlands Councilman.

Lori Hohenleitner

Lori Hohenleitner

Lori Hohenleitner is an Atlantic Highlands Councilwoman.