David Prown
David Prown
David Prown

Common knowledge that big screen new movie offerings these days are thin.  As a result, there is a whole ripple effect throughout the movie creation industry and the movie theatre industry.  Thank you sincerely to all local movie houses who are persevering through these business times

Went to 2 late showings of the new George Clooney movie “The Midnight Sky”.  I can only get to shows that are 9pm at night or later. Despite naps & coffee, the body shuts down and I snooze in those comfortable seats.

Hence the return visit to see this film again the following at the Count Basie Arts Cinema as I drifted off a bit night # one.

I really liked this solid movie essentially split into 2 concurrent stories.  Earth is virtually dead and all its citizens due some cataclysmic event that released radiation around the world.

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Jackson Pines and Cranston Dean in residency at Langosta Lounge in Asbury Park
Jackson Pines and Cranston Dean at Langosta

Survivors are a 5 man co-ed space crew on their return leg from a previously unexplored Jupiter moon (U-23) which happens to have all the elements to sustain human life (plus was initially discovered by the much younger Clooney)

Augustine Lofthouse (Clooney) is the lone scientist/resident of a now vacated research facility in the soon to be dead northern Artic while also dying of cancer.  His last mission is to warn the space station of the doom on earth and to return to planted U-23 to live.  Communications between the 2 are highly problematic and cause a series of negative events.

Well known actors Felicity Jones, David Oyelowo & Kyle Chandler are included in this fine cast. There is nice tension and visual effects in each storyline to keep one engaged.  The audience is rooting for all.

There is young girl (Iris) left behind at the Artic facility who we think is real, doesn’t speak and can fit either the aforementioned storyline or 

Part of a dream tied to his illness.  She clearly gives Clooney the energy to fight his cancer and continue his quest to contact the space station.  The end ties together these two plus the space mission leader & more.

Worked for me and more entertaining than I articulated.


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