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Previews told of a devoted Mexican father/family man having to go to the US to find work during an economic downturn.  The handsome & kind Flavio leaves his loving wife and son/best friend who he did everything with.. Story flares off in 2 directions which dilutes the filled with unknown actors (at least to me).

The son Renato, becomes a surly & successful airline exec (he and Dad had an aviation tie).  On the eve of his wedding, he learns Dad is dying in the US and goes to visit begrudgingly (who never honored his promise that he would return home).

At the hospital, Renato learns and meets his ½ brother (Asher)  who is a millenium goof ball and they don’t click at all.  This is where the film plummeted for me due to casting. Dad Flavio looks  100% Mexican and has a common wonderful loving family spirit. Son Renato is extremely light skinned and is quite unfriendly.   Asher is textbook Anglo with bright red hair and fair skin (yes he has a blonde haired Mom).   The brothers didn’t look at all alike and absolutely minimally like Dad.

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Jackson Pines and Cranston Dean in residency at Langosta Lounge in Asbury Park
Jackson Pines and Cranston Dean at Langosta

So Dad, a lover of puzzles, as a last dying wish, asks the boys to go on a quest/journey together to learn about their Dad’s USA story.  He hopes the

Boys bond over this mutual quest.  Here are numerous steps at comedy and bumbling that just occasionally works.  Movie really slows here

Concurrently, we learn of Flavio’s obstacle-filled plight to get home to Renato & and his wife.  This journey was filled with lots of heartbreak, misfortune and yes luck.  Clearly the audience is rooting for the extremely likeable Flavio .

Yes there were some nice sibling bonding moments but the minuses far outweighed the positives of this film. (A Wannabee Comedy) 

Just not good – sorry


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