David Prown
David Prown
David Prown

These days the movie theater selection & time offerings are super slim so was not very optimistic on a recent “movie day”.  Stumbled upon “HILLBILLY ELEGY” at the revamped White Street Cinema in Red Bank now under the Count Basie theater name (no overt differences but THRILLED they are carrying the ball and focusing on independent & foreign films)

Took a quick look at the rating of Fandango and saw 20% and my heart fell. Saw that the cast included highly respected Glenn Close as well as Amy Adams and thought to myself has to be decent . The story line looked somewhat interesting and I would not going to be denied.

As the legendary rocker Meatloaf sang in a famous line in a big hit “….STOP RIGHT THERE”

Folks if you love movies and  have a  heart , go see the true story “Hillbilly Elegy”. Learned later based on a highly successful book/memoir by J.D Vance 1997-2011 story…his story.

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Jackson Pines and Cranston Dean in residency at Langosta Lounge in Asbury Park
Jackson Pines and Cranston Dean at Langosta

We actually watch sort of a year in the life (1997 & 2011) of J.D. and watch how they are tied and tell so much about him and his angst.  Youth involved near bi-polar Mom with drink, drug and violence issues (and a heart deep down) raised in low-medium class part of Kentucky.

J.D. has lots of odds against him with Mom, no Dad, nice but not impactful sister and loving but very “country” grandparents.  Plenty of good and evil which pulls on him daily (some tough themes folks but makes the movie that much better).

His Grandmother, played by Glenn Close in arguably her best role ever, is an incredible ROCK with plenty of her own issues.  Loves family and her beloved Grandson J.D.   Text book tough love which he knows he needs and appreciates.  Watching the true transformation brings smiles and to learn he lands at an Ivy League school is Rocky-Like.

Race to this one folks if you have a heart, cheer for the underdog and can empathize with real-life obstacles many young people & US families  face.  LOVED THIS MOVIE!!




P.S. – What is an Elegy?

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