As a moderate, I’ll never be anyone’s poster-boy for the Radical Left.  Veteran, gun owner, first responder, National Anthem-stander, and a frequent ticket splitter on election day, I don’t fit easily into anyone’s political pigeon hole. But I do know a would-be dictator when I see one, and Trump is one. In this age of Covid, he has created a death cult willing to die for him, willing to have others die because of him, and even willing to kill for him.  He needs to be stopped if our Republic is to survive.

Trump peddles a toxic cocktail of hate, fear, and leader-worship, with a dollop of right-wing anarchy mixed in. So, no one should be surprised that a group of Right-wing terrorists, incensed over pandemic restrictions, planned on kidnapping or assassinating the Democratic governor of Michigan , discussed kidnapping the Democratic governor of Virginia, and sparking a multi-state Civil War.  Neither should anyone be surprised that Right-wing terrorists , white supremacists, and conspiracy zealots flock to Trump. They are the faithful core of his cult, and Trump will never condemn them. Unchecked, their unhinged conspiracy theories percolate up from the murky recesses of the internet to mainstream Republican circles and into the White House, then reverberate back downward and emboldened those who endeavor to act violently on those dark fantasies. And meanwhile, Republican leadership has stood by mutely and let it happen.  Not exactly a profile in courage.

Our nation teeters on the edge of dictatorship. Americans from across the political spectrum that haven’t drank Trump’s Orange Kool-Aid need to step up and save the nation. This year, unlike previous years, I will be voting Democrat straight down the ballot. It’s obvious the Republican Party has no intention of confronting Trump’s authoritarian instincts. If anything, they seem to hold him and his death cult in an even tighter, maskless embrace.  I like to say that you don’t know people until you put them in a stressful situation. In this crisis, the GOP has come up lacking in both courage and integrity, two things that made America great.


Mark Grieco
Atlantic Highlands, NJ

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