Marijuana leaves

Marijuana leaves

To the editor,

On November 3 voters in New Jersey have the choice to end the failed prohibition of cannabis.  Legalization of responsible adult use of cannabis will build a fairer, stronger and more prosperous community.  To continue doing the same thing that we’ve always done will have the same results.  It is time for change.

A yes vote will advance racial and social justice, strengthen public health and safety and stimulate economic development.  People of color are arrested for marijuana at a rate more than three times higher than white people and the consequences are devastating.  We have the opportunity to instead create good jobs in a new industry that will contribute to the tax base and also help fill some of our empty retail spaces.


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The guy on the street does not check ID but the stores will be shut down by the state if they do not adhere to the law.   Kids will be safer and consumers will too, knowing exactly what they are buying with safe packages and labels.

Medical cannabis has been legal in new Jersey for more than ten years.  We should learn from our experience and continue making change that makes sense.  The stigma against cannabis has been based on rascist propaganda and misinformation.  Why was marijuana made illegal in the first place?  We should all be able to plant a seed in the ground and grown cannabis just like tomatoes.

Marijuana is objectively safer than alcohol so why are we driving people to drink?

Whatever your political affiliations I kindly ask that you please vote yes to legalization of cannabis.


Jeffrey T. King
Eatontown NJ

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