Atlantic Cinemas owner Fred Rast (left) and First Call PPE owner Dave Wickersham.
Atlantic Cinemas owner Fred Rast (left) and First Call PPE owner Dave Wickersham.
Atlantic Cinemas owner Fred Rast (left) and First Call PPE owner Dave Wickersham.

ATLANTIC HIGHLANDS – Atlantic Cinema owner Fred Rast may say he is starting slowly in re-opening the popular venue on First Avenue, but he’s going top of the line with a new microbial defense disinfectant to ensure no Covid microbe or any other harmful bacteria will be in attendance when the theater opens Oct. 15.

Enter Atlantic Highlands business owner Dave Wickersham and First Call PPE.  First Call and their operating arm, PPM Site Services, provide hazardous material response and sanitization services.  Armed with their BIOGLOVE anti-microbial surface spray, they were hard at work early Thursday morning sanitizing the theater.  BIOGLOVE is a non-toxic alcohol free virus defender that not only eliminates the novo corona virus but leaves behind an active viral barrier for 28-days of protection.  With Fred on hand, the First Call / PPM team treated every possible contaminated spot in the theater, its lobby, bathrooms and all possible high touch areas.

What’s more, the firm also completely sanitized every borough police car, ambulance and emergency vehicle as well as the Highlands ambulances, donating both the necessary materials and the labor to complete the services at no charge to either borough.

First Call PPE is launching a retail shop at 68 First Avenue, and will offer not only the sanitizing service, but for those who prefer to do things themselves, the necessary equipment and instructions to do it themselves. The store also offers every form of personal protective equipment from gloves and USA MADE N-95 respirator masks to antibacterial wipes to name a few.

Dave Wickersham and his wife Kellie own 68 First Avenue and are committed to the protection and enhancement of all small businesses in town.   Dave led his team including two Philadelphia technicians in sanitizing the theater Thursday, indicating the entire process takes approximately three hours for that size building, and is ensured to be completely effective for a minimum of 28 days.

first call ppe anderson sprayingPHOTO:  Technician Chris Anderson applies anti-microbial surface spray.

Applying BIOGLOVE is done easily with a battery operated handheld spray that sprays or “fogs” the surface and leaves the protective antimicrobial barrier on everything it reaches, without leaving any visible difference or slime or stickiness on the surface.

At the theater, the technicians sprayed every surface, from floors, said to be a leading carrier of viruses, to walls, railings, seats, counters,  restrooms, in short, every surface with which a theater-goer could come in contact.   There are no visible signs the hygienic protector is in place, but every test from independent researchers has proven the system does its job well. The disinfectant has already been proven to destroy norovirus, all strains of staphylococcus, viruses, fungi, streptococcus and E.coli, in addition to the Covid strain.  What’s more, using BioGLove as a hand disinfectant is a gentle moisturizer for skin, is non-toxic, and leaves a 12-hour active defense on your hands.

“This is another first for First Avenue,” Rast, the borough’s former mayor said, “this new business is opening  Oct. 15, the same day as our first film presentation since the state closed down all theaters, and it is offering every possible kind of protection from all viruses with its wide array of BIOGLOVE products.”  (see related story)

Wickersham said the theater is similar to other businesses, schools, churches, shopping malls across the country and government buildings he has already serviced with this and other products.  Their resume include decon work at many federal buildings in Washington DC, retails centers like CVS and Whole Foods and they are actively involved in deep cleaning for the NYC MTA  stations and rail cars.

“Knowing Dave’s background, and his long experience with environmental clean-up after graduating from the US Merchant Marine Academy at Kings Point, the fact  this disinfectant was created by a Navy Seal when he was working in government defense, and the proven record the water-based product already has, I’m thrilled to be able to bring this 21st century procedure to our Atlantic Theater. Mickey  and I feel completely confident and proud we are able to do this for the people of Atlantic Highlands.”

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