David Prown
David Prown

David Prown

Recenty went to see my 1st big screen movie since March 16th (the last day they were open till recently). I didn’t watch any movies at home over the shut down (1st run movies need to be shown on the big screen).

I went to a late showing (9:30 pm) and the film was 2 ½ hours long.  I invoked my pre-movie strategy for a late movie of a nap, large cup of black coffee and a 5 hour energy drink (just to be sure I didn’t snooze)

I told the ticket attendant I needed 1 for “TENET” and asked if he had seen it or could t ell me anything about it.  He said he this a complicated sci-fi, futuristic film which immediately signaled to me “Danger Will Robinson” 

I hung with Christopher Nolan movie for maybe 20/30 minutes trying to wrap my mind highly complicated film with events moving forward and backward in time.  I will stop there…I was done now knowing full well I had a $ 13.33 Nap in front of me.

BEST PART OF THE NIGHT – fell asleep with my phone on my chest.  Sat up/woke up sort of quickly when the movie ended.  Phone flew under the row of seats in front of me.

The credits were dark the entire time and the post movie cleanly crew never came (so I C ould have some light or help finding) – no luck

It was around 12:30 am so I went into the lobby, other theaters, rest rooms to find somebody to help me. I couldn’t locate anyone and realized I was “Home Alone”   Though I had 1 eye and 1 stomach on the wide open concession stand, I knew I had to find a land line phone.

I located one at the ticker window, called 911 and explained my predicament.  In short, they sent a number of squad cars.  The officers were most pleasant, verified my ID and went with me into the theatre where they quickly helped me find my phone.

I got on my way home around 1am and they no doubt tracked down personnel to come lock up….can’t make this stuff up.

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