Rumson Dedicates 9/11 Memorial Monument
Rumson Fire Company 9/11 Memorial Monument Committee members (LtoR) FF Justin Bradley, Ex-Chief Joe Ward, ExChief Nick Luiten, Ex-Chief Ed Ott, Ex-Chief Paul Halligan, Ex-Chief Larry Cadman, Rumson Boy Scout Griffin Volk, FF Matt Moore
Rumson Dedicates 9/11 Memorial Monument

RUMSON, NJ – On September 12th, the Rumson Fire Company unveiled their new 9/11 Memorial Monument.

The culmination of years of planning and hard work, a team of volunteers saw this project to fruition. From submitting the lottery request to the Port Authority NY NJ, to Ex-Chief Joe Ward and Firefighter Justin Bradley picking up Artifact # I-0004z from JFK Hanger 17, to the design and building of the monument by Committee members Ex-Chief Nick Luiten, Ex-Chief Larry Cadman, Ex-Chief Paul Halligan, Ex-Chief Ed Ott, FF Justin Bradley and FF Matt Moore, as well as Rumson Boy Scout Griffin Volk for his Eagle Scout Project.

The committee gave special Thanks to the Volk Family, AbbVie, Ryser’s Landscape Supply, Red Bank Volvo Cars, Best Tile, Warshauer Electric Supply and Rumson Boy Scout Troop 201 for their support and assistance with this project.

A large group of people were in attendance at the dedication and unveiling, including: Rumson Mayor Joe Hemphill, Rumson Police Department, Rumson First Aid, Fair Haven Fire Department, Monmouth County Fire Marshal Fred Migliaccio, Rumson BSA Troop 201, Rumson BSA Troop 628 and Rumson Cub Scouts Pack 11.

The following is the day’s program provided by organizers:

Good Afternoon my name is Lt. Paul Halligan. I would like to Thank Everyone for being here at the Rumson Fire Companies 9/11 Memorial Dedication.

This memorial was dedicated yesterday on the 19th Anniversary of this sad day by the members of our company. Today we are proud to reveal it to the public on the day that the country came together to help one another after that day of immense tragedy. The day that 2977 died and more than 600 people were injured. Most of those who perished were the 2606 at the World Trade Centers. Included in that amount were the 8 EMT/ Paramedics, 71 Law Enforcement Officers and the 343 Firefighters. Many more since that day have succumbed to 9/11 related illnesses. We at the Rumson Fire Company in the days that followed collected over $40,000 that went directly to Widows and Children’s Fund of the FDNY.

rumson 9 11 memorial

Former President Geaorge W Bush said “Time is passing. Yet, for the United States of America, there will be no forgetting September the 11th. We will remember every rescuer who died in honor. We will remember every family that lives in grief. We will remember the fire and ash, the last phone call, the funerals of the children.”

We are extremely proud to finally dedicate this memorial to all those who died that day.

Before we get started with the actual dedication of the memorial I would like to recognize some of the people here in attendance today:

Borough of Rumson Mayor Joseph Hemphill
Members of the Rumson Police Department
Captain Rich Perry of the Rumson EMS Service
Monmouth County Fire Marshall – Fred Migliaccio
Rumson Fire Department Chief Robert Boyer Assistant Chief Kevin McCarthy and
Members of the Rumson and Oceanic Fire Companies
Fair Haven Fire Chief Matt Bufano and Assistant Chief Kevin Countryman
Rumson BSA Troop 201
Rumson BSA Troop 628
Rumson Cub Scouts Pack 11
I hope I didn’t miss anyone but if I did, I apologize.

At this time, I would ask that we all join in and recite the Pledge of Allegiance lead by Boy Scout Griffin Volk.

Pledge Allegiance……………..
Can we please have a moment of Silence for all those who perished that day and the days since.

Thank You

And now before unveiling the new 9/11 Memorial I would like to have the Members of the Committee come up and Be recognized

Committee Chairman -Current Lieutenant and Ex-Chief Nick Luiten
Ex-Chief Larry Cadman
Firefighter Justin Bradley
Firefighter Matt Moore
Ex-Chief Ed Ott
Ex-Chief Joe Ward
Yours Truly Current Lieutenant And Ex-Chief Paul Halligan.
And of Course, Griffin Volk

Chief Boyer and Griffin Volk will now unveil our new 9/11 Memorial

I would like to introduce EX Chief Joseph Ward and have him come up and explain how this project and Beam all started.

The Rumson Fire Company submitted a request to the Port Authority NY NJ for a lottery to receive a piece of the World Trade Center towers. Ex-Chief Joe Ward and FF Justin Bradley picked up Artifact # I-0004z from JFK Hanger 17. The piece of steel being 32” long, 15” wide and 8” high, weighing 147lbs.

Thank You Ex Chief Ward

I would like to now introduce the young man that has been working very hard planning and organizing all that lead up to today to fulfill his goal to become an Eagle Scout

Hello Everyone, my name is Griffin Volk,
I’m a Rumson resident and a Junior at RFHRHS, and I had the honor of working on this 9/11 memorial on behalf of the Rumson Fire Company.

I chose this project because I knew it was something that would have a significant impact on the community and serve as a reminder of all those firefighters that lost their lives. I believe that this memorial will be around for centuries and will serve as a reminder of all the hard work that I’ve put into my career as a Scout. I also look forward to bringing my kids to this memorial one day and telling them of the heroic action the firefighters took on that day. This project also gave me a great opportunity to lead other Scouts, which are fundamental aspects of an Eagle Scout project.

This project could not have been accomplished without the help of the 9/11 memorial committee that consists of:
● Mr. Nick Luiten
● Mr. Paul Halligan
● Mr. Larry Cadman
● Mr. Justin Bradley
● Mr. Matt Moore
● Mr. Joe Ward

This committee spent countless hours on the phone and at the firehouse, planning, preparing and executing this project, which taught me numerous lessons and skills.

I also would like to thank the following for their generous contributions to the project:

● Mr. Ed Ott, Rumson Electric
● Mr. Marty Ryser of Ryser’s Landscaping of Supply
● Best Tile in Keyport
● Red Bank Volvo
● Warshauer Electric and………
● Troop 201 Leadership and Scouts for their support

Finally, I’d like to thank my parents for their help on this project and support along the way.

19 Years later, I’m glad that we were able to help bring this memorial to fruition for the Fire Company
Thank You Griffin for your hard work
I would like to have Griffin Please Read what the Plaque Says “Never Forget…
This Beam from the World Trade Center is a reminder of that monumental day that will never be forgotten. Let us remember the 343 Firefighters who gave their lives.

Dedicated September 11, 2020
Rumson Fire Company
Boy Scouts of America, Troop 201

At this time I would like to Recognize al those who donated their time and materials to this Project:
Can I please have President of the Rumson Fire Company Darren Berry and Committee Chairman Nick Luiten come forward:
Presents plaque to Griffin which reads: “In recognition of Griffin Volk for his dedication and hard work on the Rumson Fire Company 9/11 Memorial Monument BSA Troop 201

Eagle Scout Project September 11, 2020
Nick Presents Plaque to Darren for the Rumson Fire Company to be hung in our meeting hall which reads: “In recognition of BSA Troop 201 – Griffin Volk & Rumson Fire Company – Committee Members Justin W Bradley, Lawrence A Cadman, Paul J Halligan, Nicholas J Luiten, Matthew C Moore, Edward R Ott Jr for their dedication and hard work on the Rumson Fire Company 9/11 Memorial Monument BSA Troop 201 Eagle Scout Project September 11, 2020
Nick Presents plaque to Ryser’s Landscape which reads: “In recognition of Ryser’s Landscape Supply for their generous support of the Rumson Fire Company 9/11
Memorial Monument BSA Troop 201 Eagle Scout Project September 11, 2020
Ryser’s Landscape Supply for the steel edging surround, Boulders and stones
Kevin and Christine Volk for continual help monetarily with this project and obtaining needed supplies
ABBVIE for the Matching funds to pay for the lights and other expenses
Red Bank Volvo for Clear coating the beam.
Boy Scout Troup 201 for Donating the stones and their hard work helping our company match this beautiful monument with our preexisting monument. And flagpole area. And of course, the Members of Boy Scout Troup 201 and the Members of the Rumson Fire Company for their hard work making this memorial what it is.

Thank You all for coming

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