Original Keto Coffee Company
The Keto Coffee Is On! Arabella English, left, and Audrey Arbeeny, right, spokesmodels for The Original Keto Coffee Company, join Founder Mike Krikorian and help to serve the slow brew at the company’s launch.
Original Keto Coffee Company

ATLANTIC HIGHLANDS, NJ – The Original Keto Coffee Company has opened in Atlantic Highlands, New Jersey, officially launching at the Taste of Atlantic Highlands Restaurant Tour, a popular Fall event in town. The company produces and bottles a slow-brewed, ready-to-drink keto coffee on premises in the beautiful bayside town of Atlantic Highlands, using the mineral-rich water as a basis for the unique brewing process. Originating from deep underground aquifers, the water of Atlantic Highlands possesses favorable properties: minerals, salt content, and the right balance of magnesium and calcium. This equation is optimal for brewing smooth, balanced and flavorful coffee.

Michael Krikorian, a successful restauranteur and entrepreneur who is owner of the legendary Copper Canyon, HIGO and Gaslight, all in Atlantic Highlands, has known for decades about his community’s great water.  Michael is also a founder in The Original Keto Coffee Company and a creative driving force behind the brewing process. He is thrilled to bring the unique blend of healthy, gourmet coffee to the community. “Our market is our community, young and old, anyone who likes to drink great gourmet coffee, which is natural and unpolluted by sugar or additives, and of course those who are on a keto-friendly or low-calorie diet,” stated Krikorian. He added, “Most people drink coffee every day, so it needs to be healthy and to taste great. Hopefully our commitment to quality and taste will set our Original Keto Coffee apart from other ready-to-drink coffees available in the market.”   

The idea for the company actually started with one man’s quest to live a healthier lifestyle. In 2018, John De Robbio, Atlantic Highlands native and close friend of Michael Krikorian, decided to try the Keto diet, but realized he needed to find a substitute for cow’s milk to be able to enjoy his coffee. Cow’s milk contains far too much sugar for the Keto diet. After experimenting at home, John created a process that included a family secret, a secret that his grandmother in Italy had taught him about coffee-making. While traveling on business, John grew frustrated because he could not find a pre-made iced coffee in a convenience store without 50 to 60 grams of sugar, dairy and preservatives. That moment of frustration in the store is the moment John realized that his own home-brewed version of coffee – a much healthier version – should be in the refrigerated case.

John immediately called his longtime friends, including Michael Krikorian, and could barely contain his enthusiasm, declaring, “I have something that you are really going to like.” The next day, John took samples of his keto coffee to the Copper Canyon, explaining there was no pre-made keto coffee beverage currently on the market. Michael and his team were amazed at the smooth, rich coffee taste and were surprised at how delicious it was. The friends decided then and there to enter the coffee business and to create a partnership. They experimented and refined the beverage in the kitchen of Copper Canyon. The result is The Original Keto Coffee Company. DeRobbio is excited about bringing a healthier version of ready-to-drink coffee to the market but is happiest about being able to launch in his home community along with his close friends. “Of course, we are thrilled and honored to launch in Atlantic Highlands. It’s our home port. Our friends and neighbors surround us. We cannot imagine starting our journey from any other place,” DeRobbio stated.

In the last decade, the ketogenic diet has become immensely popular. It operates on the principles of ketosis, the metabolic state where the body breaks fatty acids down into ketones. The body then uses the ketones for energy. Keto coffee follows the same principles of the keto diet, which is a low-carbohydrate diet. Keto coffee is comprised of keto diet-compliant ingredients, containing little or no sugar or carbohydrates. Coffee itself also has a number of health benefits and possesses antioxidants which fight free radicals in the body.

A 10-ounce keto coffee from The Original Keto Coffee Company has the following ingredients: 0 grams sugar, 1 gram of fat, 5 grams of carbohydrates, no dairy, only 35 calories, vegan and gluten-free. It is all natural, and is made with nut milks, which contain healthy fats.

The Original Keto Coffee Company makes keto coffee with a special, 100% Arabica blend from Central & South America, taking the ground beans through a unique brewing process, utilizing both cold and slow brewing and introducing the right amount of both heath and cold at varying intervals. The blending of processes produces a smooth, aromatic and rich coffee flavor without bitterness.  The company also brews entirely in stainless steel vessels which are cleaner, safer and help to isolate the brew, preventing outside influences that could detract from the flavor.

The result of this unique process is a line of naturally caffeinated keto coffees with distinctive Italian espresso notes, combined with natural nut milks – cashew, almond and coconut – for a product that is pure, fresh, flavorful and healthy. Most of the available pre-made latte coffees on the market today are full of sugar, preservatives, artificial additives and dairy. The Original Keto Coffee Company has changed that, and until now, no pre-made keto coffee was even available on the market.

Currently, the keto coffee is available online in 10-ounce glass bottles, a cashew espresso latte and black unsweetened. Coconut and almond are near ready for launch, along with a nitro-infused coffee, according to Krikorian. In the very near future, it will be available at select area specialty shops and grocery stores and at restaurants, including the Copper Canyon in Atlantic Highlands.

The Original Keto Coffee Company is located at 35 First Avenue, Atlantic Highlands, New Jersey, 07716. The telephone number is (732) 291-8666. The website is, www.originalketocoffee.com. For more information, email the company at [email protected], and visit the social media pages at:




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