RUMSON, NJ – With the medical field evolving consistently, the world has also observed the rapid growth of the pharmaceutical industry, seen through technological developments and innovative practices. Unfortunately, this growth has seen a rise in drug price, and even worse, an abundance of this medication is additionally destroyed. The rising price of medication coupled with the idea of eliminating unused drugs leaves enormous room for social impact. Introducing Altrui Foundation, a non-profit organization committed to changing lives across the globe.

Altrui Foundation consists of a team of highly motivated high schoolers as well as incoming college students, all dedicated to pronouncing positive impact unto communities in need. Its founders, Sourish Jasti, Shreya Kavuru, and Rahul Kavuru, have developed the Altrui SMILE initiative, which directly targets and tackles the issues of unused medication, by acting as a conduit between pharmaceutical manufacturers and charities in order to successfully redistribute such medication to uninsured patients. Justin Zhang, an incoming freshman at the University of Pennsylvania, as well as the manager of Altrui SMILE, has been at the forefront of the initiative, conducting outreach and research in order to spearhead the cause. “I find it odd that there are billions of dollars worth of unused medications and millions of patients in need,” said Justin, regarding his passion for managing Altrui SMILE, which is now currently working with Rising Pharmaceuticals, Ingenus Pharmaceuticals, Kingsway Charities, and SIRUM, to accelerate and provide aid in the redistributing process. Altrui SMILE has recently experienced their first medication delivery culminating in a mean donation worth of $2,034,444.

The impact doesn’t just stop there. Recently, our society has been met with issues that stem from fixated systemic barriers, designed to trap certain individuals in a disadvantaged state, especially with regards to education and employment. Altrui Foundation recognizes this conflict, and has also developed another initiative around breaking the cyclic nature of educational oppression: Altrui Education. Altrui Education is designed to provide disadvantaged students with college counseling in order to provide them with the best opportunities for future success. Maxime Lahlou, an incoming freshman at Princeton University and the manager of Altrui Education, has addressed the importance of the cause, and “strongly believes that a good college education is essential,” as he hopes to give “motivated students chances that they may lack.” Altrui Foundation is full of incredibly talented students who receive joy in providing aid to those in need. Through the words of Rahul, “it’s incredibly rewarding to be contributing to positive change.”

Good intentions are the basis of any social impact organization, but that resolve can only carry a cause so far. Altrui Foundation’s marketing team brings all of the organization’s objectives full circle, by conducting outreach to local and state level newspapers, as well as actively promoting the separate initiatives on social media. Malik Javaid, an incoming freshman at Columbia University, feels that working for such an important cause “requires outreach to various organizations and institutions to spread awareness and attract interest.” Shreya, who looks to “publicize Altrui Foundation’s impact,” and “spearhead the marketing scene,” coupled with Malik, has released animated videos describing the initiatives, impact updates across social media, and articles detailing the impact measurement.  

Be sure to stay updated on Altrui Foundation’s work, and get in touch; everyone can make a difference.


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