The Memoria Project. Credit: Susan Magaziner
The Memoria Project. Credit: Susan Magaziner
The Memoria Project.  Credit: Susan Magaziner

HIGHLANDS, NJ – Entitled “The Memoria Project”- these 13-foot marble sculptures by Stephen Shaheen are surrounded by granite blocks engraved with all 2,987 names of those who lost their lives in the tragedy of 9/11.  The project was completed in the Fall of 2011.

In an article published in The Day (2/12/12) Shaheen said, “I had worked in a travertine quarry-in the classical tradition-in Italy. I remembered seeing old Roman place makers in the Louvre-property dividers used by the Romans: big pillars with the top half the torso of a person. I imagined the physical embodiment of a figure facing out in that direction (toward where the WTC had stood).”

Shaheen says he started sketching; a broken, eroded kind of statue. Celtic ruins and sacred spaces like Stonehenge came to mind, he says. He began working with two figures (mirroring the Twin Towers) encircled by stones.

“The sacred circle idea became the foundation for the project-a vision for the memorial,” he says.


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The Memoria Project is located at Veterans Memorial Park, 51 Bay Ave, Highlands, NJ 07732.

memoria him susan magaziner
PHOTOS: The Memoria Project, Him.   Credit: Susan Magaziner

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