Jay Webber, R-Morris, et al. (Assembly Republicans) in Assembly Resolution # 151 glibly assert that NJ parks were closed “purely on anecdote, without sufficient data.” What homework did you do in the 2 weeks before Gov. Murphy closed NJ parks? Obviously, none.
While working from home (after all, you and your families must stay safe), did you seek “hard data” from law enforcement, who were subject daily to abuse and refusal by crowds to maintain social distancing, often in groups of 20 or more – the “New Jerseyans” whom you claim are “fully capable of making intelligent and responsible choices?”

Speaking of Jerseyans, did you investigate the glut of cars from New York and Pennsylvania crowding into NJ parks—the states that were under stay-at-home travel restrictions?

Your feigned concern for “the public health and well-being” – during a pandemic of the highly-contagious and deadly coronavirus – is detached from reality and openly mendacious. Municipal parks had closed weeks before, so as weather improved, the broad, pent-up demand suddenly transformed rural and county roads into mile-long parking lots, while adults, many with small children, traversed them. This caused huge traffic jams – and actual threats to human safety. Also, I find it incredible that you did not hear from constituents who had their private driveways occupied or blocked by these invasions.

Did you, Dawn Fantasia, Sussex County Board of Chosen Freeholders, ask law enforcement about the numerous cases of human defecation in state parks in your county? I assume your flagrant passions would not proscribe you from helping to clean-up any such human transgressions.


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You blame closed parks for the “lack of Vitamin D” which is “associated with increased susceptibility to respiratory diseases.” The chilling irony of such an assertion would be laughable if it were not so perfidious.

Cody McLaughlin, Spokesman, New Jersey Outdoor Alliance, laments the “thousands of trout” that will go to waste (albeit trout are alive and well; thousands of humans are not). McLaughlin deludes himself when blaming park closings for a myriad of societal problems – from domestic violence to coronavirus parties.
Hals Wirths, 24th District Republican Assemblyman, in a fit of pure misguided melodrama, declares “it is outrageous to close the outdoors” – Who the hell closed the outdoors?

Senator Steve Oroho, R-Morris, wonders why the actions of a few forced the closings. In fact, it was the actions of multitudes. On a massive scale, social distancing was JUST NOT HAPPENING.

It is utterly absurd that “open parks” are your torment. What have we become when we cannot shoulder even a small inconvenience (hardly a “sacrifice”) to save lives? Shame on all of you for your political grandstanding, and for your lethal contempt for both the truth and the lives of your fellow citizens.

Lorenza Vidris
Pine Brook NJ

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