Moving the parking meters in Red Bank to 10 o’clock is an absolute nightmare to all business, employees and theater goers to Red Bank. 

With over 100 places to dine/eat in Red Bank there are approximately 500 to 600 workers who are going to pay an additional  $10 daily after taxes to work in town.  If they make 100 a day before taxes and pay $10 more in parking fees takes away incentive to work here

There are 350 seats at the Two River Theater and 1700 at the Count Basie plus staff comes to around 2150 people.  If someone comes to eat before the theater at 6 and has to pay for an additional 5 hours of parking 7.50 …well that would make me run to the Theater.  How do they pay the meter during the show?  Our seniors would love that as would most theater goers.

Going to diner in Red Bank….I have valet Parking as does the downtown, Who and how to the valet people pay the meters from 6 to 10 or 11 PM. 

As a  merchant why bother to keep stores open after 6 PM…no one will be here. 

Why don’t we just hang out another flag that SAYS DON’T BOTHER COMING TO RED BANK!  Red Bank does have a parking problem.  It has a parking problem exacerbated over the last thirty years by our failure to adequately have sign age and promote the parking to the 3000 spaces we have in Red Bank. AND NOW WE WANT YOU TO PAY AFTER 6 PM IF YOU CAN AN FIND A PARKING PLACE…



Daniel Murphy Jr.

Red Bank NJ

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