Monmouth County is expected to unanimously vote to declare Monmouth a “Second Amendment Sanctuary”. The “Second Amendment Sanctuary” refers to a city, town, or county that has rejected the enforcement of state or federal gun laws that are perceived as “unconstitutional”. One of the big objections to the second amendment activist would be the passing of the S.42- Universal Background Check Expansion Act. This bill would establish new background check requirements for firearm transfers between private parties. What this means is that unlicensed dealers such as those found on the internet or at gun shows would be required to conduct the same background check requirements as licensed dealers. The prohibition would not apply to certain firearm transfers such as family heirloom. The bill in no way is a threat to our second amendment. The safety measures that are in place are for the safety of our communities and the response to tragedies that occurred at the misused of guns. This is no different than the movements that occur in the 1920s that push forward safety measurements to counteract the automobile casualties. It seems ironic to me that for me to obtain a driver’s license I must prove six points of verification, but to obtain a gun their exists loopholes where individuals are not required to conduct thorough background checks. To legally own a gun is not a crime it’s a constitutional right, but society implements laws based on the constituent’s concerns making sure all gun owners are meeting the safety measurements to possess a gun. Something both gun activist and gun safety activist can agree on is that we support the second amendment, but we don’t want a gun to be in the hands of dangerous individuals that can possess a threat to our children and our communities 


Brenda Martell
Freehold, NJ

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