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david prown 120I am not sure if I had never seen a Marvel/DC comic related film outside of the initial Batman & Spiderman films. Both were okay but type film just doesn’t work for me (clearly I am in the minority)

However the quirky, violent previews for Harley Quinn : Birds of Prey just didn’t look so superhero ish.   Rather this “Bad guy/girl” had a degree of likeability. So I went to this 1 hour and 49 minute action packed film and it was dang good.  Loved the characters particularly all the female roles.

Harley was the Joker’s girlfriend for a long time so she could get away with whatever she wanted around town.  The movie starts off as they are now “broken up” and she is no longer protected. Hence all the bad guys (led by the Black Mask played by Ewan McGregor are coming after her.  She is an amazing fighter/Killer accented by her innocent smile..what’s not to like :). Then Harley teams up with 3 other female killers and the endless battle is on.

Harley Quinn is played amazingly by Margot Robbie was amazing in “Bombshell” as a sexually harassed journalist (see that movie!).  In one film, she seemingly had all the power & her skills are respected while in the other she has zero power and respect. Had to be 2 fascinating roles for her.


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That is where I am going to end it.  Great music, sets, characters etc and quite easy for even this old fart to follow.  Surprisingly mindless fun and recommend.


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