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david prown 120I know its a business and I am writing this review 4 days after I saw it BUT the new Movie “The Last Full Measure” came out on Jan. 24, 2020 and as of 2/7/20 it is NOWHERE to be found In Monmouth County.

A little known true story about incredible Vietnam War Hero, William H. Pitsenbarger and how this USAF paramedic saved some 60 US Army soldiers in the heat of an AWFUL deadly battle (unfortunately not his own)

Cast includes :

Samuel L. Jackson

Christopher Plummer


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Ed Harris

Bradley Whitford

Peter Fonda

William Hurt

John Savage

WOW!!!! An amazing list of many all-time great actors and award winners.  

This movie was not allowed in the theaters long enough to generate word of mouth.  Sorry, this is not some Marvel Comic film with a guaranteed $ 1,000,000,00 box office.  C’mom movie muckity-mucks…have a little patience.

But this film was historically important (see the credits) and so insightful meeting and getting to know some of the saved soldiers & Pitsenbarger’s aging parents as they all struggle with his heroic death for decades and his lack of Medal of Honor recognition by the government (politics of course).

Yes the two stars were unknowns & there was no cool special effects.  Yet I was stunned by the tears that poured out of my eyes in the last 10 minutes of the film.   No military folks and stories in my family (at least what was shared) but sure admire ALL these heroes.  This movie was all about the people whose lives were influenced forever by Pitsenbargers heroism and their life-long drive to recognize the same.

Really good film


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