david prown 120

david prown 120Clearly I am not a good listener. I think the fun murder-mystery movie “Knives Out” came out late November to strong reviews and excellent word of mouth….and took me nearly 2 months to see it!!

Well known cast of Daniel Craig, Jamie Lee Curtis, Toni Collette, Christopher Plummer, Don Johnson, Michael Shannon and more is a total HOME RUN.

YUP a true “who-dunnit” a la Agatha Christie or Murder She Wrote just works…TOTALLY WORKS.

Rated PG-13 and uber-clean in terms of sex, violence and language is a ridIculously engaging movie for even this non murder mystery guy.


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Plummer plays Harlan Thrombey, a very successful crime novelist” who dies just after his 85th birthday party attended by the entire family “who all love to throw each under the bus”. Hilariously “not close”, these siblings (and spouses) get extra untruthful as there is a murder to solve (where they

Are all suspects) and more importantly, how the large $ estate will be divided.

Folks, this movie has been in theaters for 8 weeks. I went to the 8:45 pm show last Sunday night and it was sold out!. Yes 15 minutes too long but I am old. All the twists and turns got me tired….but oh what fun.

Loved it


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