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david prown 120“JUST MERCY” plays out just like the previews starring the surging Michael B. Jordan playing Bryan Stevenson.  The word that runs thru this true story is INJUSTICE. Young, talented and yes maybe idealistic Harvard Law School graduate during a college internship is introduced to the world of death row inmates.  When meeting these inmates, he encounters people who could have been from his Delaware community or family and he is hooked.

With full Federal Funding, he sets up The Equal Justice Institute with a focus to legally represent death row prisoners in Alabama (and probably beyond).

Early on he meets death row inmate Walter McMillian played powerfully by Jamie Foxx. This movie stays very focused on this case so we get to know him his family, his values along with the white, male prosecution team and star witness

Parts of this film really hit home in the areas of legal system, injustice, race and how powerless one is.  The injustice Mr. Stevenson exposed with his team (including the excellent Brie Larson) in the McMillian case and dozens and dozens more even today (yes the IJB is still active) is shocking.

There are tons of bad people in this country of all age, race, religion, sex, social economic background.  Those same elements dramatically influence those same folks ability (in most cases) to get due process. EJI and other entities have been created to help balance the playing field.


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