mc 2020 board chosen freeholdersPHOTO:  Monmouth County Board of Chosen Freeholders, Dominick “Nick” DiRocco, Lillian G. Burry, Freeholder Director Thomas A. Arnone,  Freeholder Deputy Director Susan M. Kiley, and Patrick Impreveduto

Golden, Arnone and DiRocco sworn to three-year terms 

FREEHOLD, NJ – Monmouth County Freeholder Thomas A. Arnone and Freeholder Susan M. Kiley were appointed as Freeholder Director and Freeholder Deputy Director, respectively, at the Board’s 2020 Organization Meeting held on Tuesday, Jan. 7 at Biotechnology High School.

“I cannot thank my fellow Freeholders enough for their belief in me to serve once again as the Monmouth County Freeholder Director and I am eager to tackle the year ahead,” said Freeholder Director Arnone. “As everybody knows, my top priority has always been making sure that Monmouth County is the most financially responsible, best run County. We cannot rest on what we have done in the past, so I will continue my vigorous efforts as we enter the New Year.”

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Jackson Pines and Cranston Dean in residency at Langosta Lounge in Asbury Park
Jackson Pines and Cranston Dean at Langosta

“I would like to thank the Board for selecting me as Deputy Director for 2020 and I am ready to continue working for the constituency, as well as collaborate with the Board, Constitutional Officers and other elected officials,” said Freeholder Deputy Director Kiley. “As Deputy Director, I will work tirelessly to maintain past initiatives and services for our County residents while looking ahead to new and exciting visions for 2020.”

Prior to the selection of the Board leadership, Golden, Arnone and DiRocco were sworn into office.

Golden, who was elected into his fourth, three-year term, was issued the Oath of Office by the Honorable Joseph W. Oxley, Judge Superior Court Monmouth County. Arnone was sworn into his fourth, three-year term as Freeholder by the Honorable Lisa P. Thornton, Judge Superior Court Monmouth County. DiRocco was sworn into his first, three-year term as a Freeholder by the Honorable Lisa P. Thornton as well.

“It is a great honor and privilege to have been sworn in as the Monmouth County Sheriff for a fourth term,” said Sheriff Shaun Golden. “Together with the Board of Chosen Freeholders, we will continue to develop initiatives to help combat crime and opioid abuse while strengthening our shared services and school safety so Monmouth County remains one of the top counties in the State.”

“It has truly been a pleasure to serve at the local and State level, but I am looking forward to being a part of the Monmouth County Board of Chosen Freeholders where our decision making will directly impact the taxpayer,” said Freeholder DiRocco. “I believe that my civic knowledge and experience will only bolster the already-existing, strong team of individuals that constitute this Board.”

Each of the Freeholders thanked County Administration and employees for their hard work throughout 2019. They also expressed their thanks to Freeholder Director Arnone, Freeholder Impreveduto, who served as the Deputy Director during the past year, and former Freeholder and newly-elected Assemblyman Scharfenberger for their dedication and responsibility to Monmouth County.

The Freeholders made a number of citizen member appointments to various County boards and commissions that included:

  • Advisory Council Office on Aging (three year term) – Judy Aaufner, Kathy Rogers, Sharon Stark and Colleen Verist
  • Agriculture Development Board – Regular member (three year term) – Jeffery Foster and David Holmes.  Alternate members (one year term) – Ross Clayton and Michael Matthews
  • Board of Addiction Services (three year term) – Diane Aifer, Alysa Fornarotto-Regenye, Marcy McMullen and Selma Morris
  • Construction Board of Appeals – Regular member (four year term) – Richard Hogan. Alternate member (four year term) – Edward Reed
  • Historical Commission (three year term) – Randall Gabrielan, Gerald Scharfenberger, Ph.D., Muriel Smith, Ellen Terry and Peter Van Nortwick
  • Planning Board – Regular member (three year term) – Jennifer Di Lorenzo and James Giannell.  Alternate member (one year term) – John Mele and James C. Schatzle
  • Recreation Commissioners (five year term) – Patricia Butch. Filling unexpired term (expiring March 15, 2021) – Glen Mendez
  • Transportation Council (three year term) – Elizabeth Barrett, Anthony Garaguso, Eric Nelson, Peter Van Nortwick and Jeffery Vernick
  • Youth Services Commission (three year term) – John “Doc” Amato, Laurie Gerhardt, Monmouth County Sheriff Shaun Golden, Monmouth County Prosecutor Christopher Gramiccioni, Timothy McCorkell and Jeffery Schwartz

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